Falke General Discussion: Capcom's Newest Staff Member!




Vesper breakdown

Confirmed that she is officially the first SF character with a close ranged standing low

Has the hit stun of a hard kick so likely her s.HK.


Pft not feeling this one.
She’s the most lackluster edition to the roster so far.
She has no style or flair to her attacks,her CA is a joke and even though it looks like she was built as a zoner…Falke’s tools don’t look strong at all.

It’s not all negative though she has decent pokes,simple inputs and excellent damage. I’m waiting to see what the pros can come up with but right now she actually has me looking forward to G!!


She’s this game’s Rose I guess. Not flashy but probably pretty strong at midrange control with good pokes and strong (anti) fireball options.


Ah yeah, regarding her zoning capabilitys, I’m sure she’s more midrange than Zoner.
Unless your name is Guile, you’re better off with good buttons in this game, than a projektile to rely on.
Spacing is important so is momentum, to rely on a fireball in this game is a safe way to get your head chopped off, unless you’re Guile.
If I saw correct, her low shoot, seems also to be around +10 on block. The regular one, not the VT one.


She’s definitely going to be a pretty capable fireball zoner from what I’m seeing. Her air fireball can be done off of neutral and back jump so that allows her to put a fireball in a place that most anti projectile options can’t deal with and in a space where grappler characters other than Birdie or Mika kinda just have to watch and respect without a ton of meter. Especially since she has some big ass air buttons and her air staff normals all cancel into VT1 fireballs.

The air fireball also halts her trajectory so you can use it to do very small spaced jumps back or forward to make yourself even more ambiguous to anti air. Are you going to lunge forward with a big jump button or stop early forward and air fireball? Are you going to mix up the same options backward? Options are gonna be quite varied. People complain about Akuma’s air fireball in this game and he can’t even do it jumping backwards or neutral. Her air projectile/hit box game alone is going to cause rage quits.

The low shot low profiles pretty much every relevant fireball in the game and will be nice way to snipe certain far buttons like Birdie’s s.HK that he usually likes to throw. The standing shot is essentially a 2/3 character length 3 hit fireball that doesn’t need EX. Which means you can clash with or remove any double/triple hitting or EX fireballs from the screen with it.

Between all her fireballs, Akuma and just about any other fireball character outside of Guile wont be able to make Falke block or take hits from many fireballs. V Skill can absorb the one hit fireballs, standing shot will eat the multi hit ones, low fireball will low profile under them and air fireball allows her to hover and shoot over them. The implications of that vs someone who doesn’t even have fireballs even greater.



You can see that the very first shotgun fireball he throws only has one button charged so he has to recharge and get her purple flash back. Then he shoots a low shot and an air shot immediately after at a timing that wouldn’t be possible without having multiple charges. On top of that after he throws the air fireball her hand is still flashing for another charge.

So 2 things are happening here.


  1. She can legitimately charge and hold on to more than 1 zonk. Maybe even hold all 3 buttons to have 3 ready to shoot.

  2. The charge up time for the zonks is so fast that you can essentially create a full charge for your next fireball by the time the last one is done. Essentially meaning you can theoretically always have a fireball ready. Which essentially makes her a motion less Guile as far as how you can throw the fireballs.

On top of that I just saw her do a shotgun shot and the purple charge was immediately in her hand like the frame after the shotgun ends. There’s no way you can charge 1.5 seconds worth of charge inbetween the release of that shotgun and have another purple hand ready to go. So number 1 is much more likely the case unless Zonks just have a really short charge time that I’m not aware of.

Real fireball game confirmed.


Also trying to figure this out…

To do this sequence (without some magic charge timing or partition that I dont know about with her) you need to be really moving your fingers around on a stick, or you need to have 3P assigned to a button on a pad or stick OR the game just lets you charge faster than Guile’s booms. LOL

It’s kinda interesting how he can whiff a jab, do the PP, clearly have the charge still in what seems to be full charge after the PP then dashes forward with another fireball.

In the whole sequence it’s

  • Throw s.MK while you have a charge.

  • Throw s.LP while you have a charge still (so you are obviously not holding s.LP after both 1 and 2).

  • Have to hit LP and HP somehow together while MP is held down to keep the charge.

  • Still holding I assume MP and still see charge in her hand after PP done with LP and HP.

  • Dash in and immediately throw another fireball.

THEN after the shotgun shot his hand is still glowing.

If there’s some easy way this all works with how quick her charge timing is, then cool. If this is some crazier shit that can only be done with multi zonk even better. Basically you can play her in a way where you will never not have a charge.


Falken hit boxes man


Apparently there’s a way to make her dive kick hit meaty so that it doesn’t bounce and gives full combo without counter hit


Jesus, look at the hitbox on stand and crouch fierce, crouch jab and stand short. Definitely know what to abuse.


Finding a lot of good stuff. I’ll post notes later.

  • Air fireball is opposite of Akuma. Basically since he cant jump back and do it he has to use it offensively for the most part. Falke needs VT1 to use offensive fireballs, but her standard air fireball is very much more for defensive purposes. Covers that straight line where people wont be able to move forward or jump without jumping into it. Has some recovery though so a bad placed one will get punished. I think with practice you’ll be able to find the spots where you can safely throw it. Great for faking out anti air attempts and shooting them with the fireball.

  • s.LK plus 3 on block with slight disjoint. Great for keeping people at space while keeping your turn. Also naturally combos into standing shot/shotgun. You can just charge a fireball and then just let it rip on a hit and stay safe.

  • s.MK and s.HP can whiff punish pretty decently. s.MK vs faster buttons and s.HP vs slower buttons or someone trying to throw buttons from too far away.

  • s.HP is great in general. Safe, cancels into zonk or KK special and corner carry off KK special is pretty good. s.HP is also great because it hits over the hit box of most crouching buttons. They have to use standing button to even contest it without whiff punishing it and it also has a slight disjoint. Be very good vs the Karins and Cammys that love fishing with crouching buttons. s.HP is also REALLY EASY to hit confirm because you can just hit KK when you see it hit and they flash purple when it hits.

  • PP anti air very good for dive kicks. It hits in a way where if they try to dive it usually still hits them. Be good to keep Cammy in check instead her having a mix up on your anti airs.

  • c.HP is OOOOOOODEEE. Disjoint is crazy on it and it works like CVS2 Iori c.HP. What made CVS2 Iori c.HP was he could AA people before they started coming down from a jump because he had a huge hit box c.HP and a tiny crouch box. Falke is small enough crouching and her c.HP is so huge that you can just sit in crouch and if they jump you can anti air them before they can viably get out a jump button. Meaning c.HP technically can stop every standard forward jump button in the game before it starts. Practice holding crouch for a few frames before you hit it when you see someone jump so you dont even have to look at their jump button.

  • c.LP, c.LK and s.LP are all 4 frame start up with solid range so like Sim she can just mash on lights to back you up if you start getting too close. They all push back well to keep her back where she wants to be. Then just stick out plus 3 s.LK to keep them further out.

  • c.MK not much use other than VTC’s, but it’s got nice range and safe minus 2 on block.

  • c.MP is decent. Can use it from a huge range that most other characters cant poke from, but it doesn’t lead to much without v trigger active and fairly easy to whiff punish. More situational button overall.

  • f+HP CC really slow start up like 14 frame start. With that said still a heavy so works with priority system and gets stronger in V Trigger with trigger cancels.

  • Not bad range on her throw and and not bad walk speed for her archetype. Forward walk feels plenty fine for her play style and not sitting molasses like Sim.

  • Charge fireballs is pretty much just the fact that the recover really fast and you can hide the charge in the last fireball you threw. Once people get good with their button holds they’ll always have a fireball charged.

  • df+HK stand low is like FIFTEEN frame start up, but plus 2 on block, supposedly SIX active frames and OTGs. If you in the corner you will be oppressed by it. Covers both wakes easily.

  • j.HP has big hurt box around it, but it’s huge so you’ll hit people with it. Gets oppressive with VT1 cancels. j.MP has hurt box around it but its so huge you’ll likely be able to hit other jump buttons with it any way. j.HK has slight disjoint on it and is basically a weaker version of Menat’s. j.LP has a bit of a disjoint so good for air to air protection on cross ups. Has an air throw too.
    Initial good points are she has a lot of range for this game, has a real zoning game and has some long buttons with good range and not bad disjoints. Has really stupid easy hit confirms and has better ranged punishes than Menat. Good corner carry to either play pressure or keepaway and has solid pressure in corner. Probably going to be the best zoner vs Cammy and Akuma in the game.

Initial not so good points are her mix up isn’t really stupid out the gate so that already kinda keeps her outta top tier (for now). Her buttons while they have more overall utility without switch stancing than Menat, are a bit easier to whiff punish. Has better fireball game than Menat, but Menat is probably better at just not dealing with fireballs. EX reversal is slow so wont be great on wake up situations and can be baited with safe lights.


VT1 basic loop


Mix up concept for Falke

- Basic mix up for Falke seems to be to land DEEP heavy jump ins. Main reason why she doesn’t have a standing overhead or command grab. If you land a deep j.HP or j.HK (j.HP preferably since its easier to hit it very late) the opponent has to take your df+HK low. If they try and tech during this it’ll frame trap and counter hit their throw attempt and give you a fat combo on counter hit into s.MP, s.MK, KK. If you know they’re going to get shook and sit to block and v reversal the df+HK you pretty much get a free throw because they can’t V Reversal on a jump in without getting thrown and if they dont tech they’re getting thrown.

If they are low on V Reversals or choose not to V Reversal after the df+HK you can then do s.MP to fish for counter hit if they try to mash out. If you figure they aren’t going to mash then you can get micro walk throw in. This is also at the point where you can start using your light attacks. All light attacks except s.LK are 4 frame start up and they all have solid range for lights. On top of that they are ALL plus 2 on block. So yup, you get a plus 2 on block low light that chains into c.LP (and it has solid range for a c.LK). She has decent forward walk on top of all of this while also being able to scoot in a 5 frame s.LK that is plus 3 on block.

This is then where the dive kicks play in. Dive kicks set up the jump buttons. Once you dive kick on someone you can start to set up a deep heavy and mix it in with j.MK which should be a bit harder to stand button AA. If you land a deep heavy off the dive you got your mix up there again. Mixing up between her huge normals jumping forward and altering your trajectory with dive before coming down will likely set up solid mix ups where the opponent will be afraid that not getting an AA will lead to damage and corner carry. If you get them to whiff an anti air then that works too.


Nice breakdown. Can’t wait to keep playing this character, already spent all night on it :smiley:

Yo anybody got a link to the Falke Discord? I wanna join, please :heart:


Gonna try to work with Falke over the coming weeks. But I straight up suck with hold button specials. Anyone have any tips? Favorite button to store with? I’m sure a big part of it is developing the dexterity and feel for it especially since I’ve never played a character with that kind of thing before.

Watching early match footage it seems like being able to manage charge with her is really valuable. Being able to convert stray hits into shotgun blasts, as an example, can add up quick.


Hold MP button down. Her MP buttons aren’t real necessary in neutral outside of s.MP at close for plus 3 on block. All of her lights are plus 2 or 3 on block any way so you’ll be using those much more often since you can just constantly rapid fire plus on block normals that go into shotgun. Like Menat just whore up meter so that you can have confirms to CA. Walk up to people with plus on block lows that go into super and watch them start squirming so you can pick them out of the air with your godly AA’s, then keep walking forward at them. If you whack them with s.HP into KK hit confirm, CA them.


Awesome. Thanks for the tips here and above. Will definitely help as I attempt to golf swing others to death.


Made a video. Most interesting thing I found is that s.HP xx low shot xx VT2 overhead will combo at max range, only works in the corner though:


A note on Falke’s fireball stun.

So Falke probably has the highest stun fireballs in the game for their speed. Air and standing fireballs both do 120 stun and the prone fireball does 150 stun.

To put that in perspective most shoto/regular fireballs do 100 stun, Guile’s regular fireballs only do 50 stun and the only other regular air fireball in the game (Akuma) only does a measly 40 stun. With this it seems like her gameplan can revolve around fishing for hits on the fireballs to build up people’s stun and then start to more in for offense or vice versa. Blocking temporarily freezes your stun so that getting them to block normals or fireballs inbetween the hits helps the cause.

In VT1 the ground trigger shot does 200 stun, the air trigger shot does 150 and the standing shot will do 150 if all the hits hits.


Liking Falke because she seems to be the first newcomer who wants to play SFV the way I want to play SF (pokes, pokes, and more pokes than a Sirlin steak). But sadly, I feel that the general design of SFV won’t benefit her at all.


I like but it feels like she loses to zoning in general. All her antifireball options are very slow startup. She has good pokes and damage but no real way to get in other than max range jhk.