Falke General Discussion: Capcom's Newest Staff Member!



To say Falke is an “easy to use Zoner” isn’t true when you have to be meticulous with her unique hold a button down then release fireball execution, too.


So Falke doesn’t have a proper subforum it seems.

Probably old news for anyone who hasn’t stopped playing since her release like I did but I realized that she has some extremely strong and rather tricky corner combos I didn’t really expect because everything else she does is super basic. There’s a Trigger II combo that does 750 stun but unfortunately it’s only practical after they’ve been dizzied. I’ve also been practicing the Trigger I loop in the corner but the spacing is kinda tricky.


Another look at her new costume:

Looks more detailed than the pics on twitter suggested (didn’t notice the mic on the staff before for example). It’s kind of growing on me but then again I’ll wait until I see it in action.


I’m buying. Default color is cool and I’m sure I’ll find one that works for me. Default outfit 15 still my go to once I get tired of trollan with turquoise swim suit.


I am not quite feeling it, but I am buying it just to incentive Capcom to push out more Falke costumes.
Maybe with other colours it will look better. The goth look doesn’t fit her and her personality.
But with brighter colours and her default hair colour, this can look good.


On hit changes for Trigger 2 overhead that weren’t in the patchnotes:


Pause the clip during Ryu’s recovery to see that he gets back to neutral a frame faster than in S3.