Fall River Fights - GameKing (MA/RI) | Tue/Sat

i like tournaments.

tournaments and rankings sound cool lol

so as it turns out i won’t be able to show up because my schedule has me working tuesdays, fridays, and saturdays for the rest of the summer

this sucks

Hey gang, it’s Gary! (Hablouken). I made a new account 'cause I liked this name better. Anyways I’m in Long Island and will be back later this year permanently. During my stay here at my friends I made a combo video that I will have up tomorrow (it just needs an audio track). Ken, I still respect that shield and after watching the Captain America movie I am now scared shitless of it. Anyways I’ll get the video up in the afternoon some time and put it in the mag forums also. Keep leveling up guys, I’ll try to stay on par while on the road, ha! wave

EDIT: Ken, I couldn’t get the codecs for it to work before I packed up and left and ended up deleting them. We were dropping combos left and right anyways, who wants to see that? bleh! We’ll be streaming soon anyways. Cheers!

Okay, done.


I’ve already told a few people, but it’s time to spread the good news even more!

A friend of mine is planning on hosting tournaments in Fall River for AE and MvC3, he said he’s going to try and push for August 27th. If we get a good turn out, he’ll most likely start making it a biweekly/monthly. He said the venue will be Straight Shooters, which is a pool hall. This place has plenty of parking, and lots of fastfood/stores close by. Hopefully we can try and get the other MA guys out here to joins us :smiley:

Here’s the thread.

Yooo new cooling technology.

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not sure im gonna make it tonight waiting to see what juice and will are up to 1st.

Mr. Sleeps best cody?

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Fall River Fights Postponed! - Pinball Wizard Arcade Tourney, Pelham NH Tomorrow!

Haha thanks for the compliment but there are some bar matchips that make it too difficult like akuma Lol! But is there going to be a gathering today? If there is I’m down just let me know

Hey guys, I had to cut my vacation short. I’ll be back in Fall River this week and ready for some action next weekend. Kenny and Mike, you had bettar be thar! I’ll record and post this time if we aren’t already streaming. I’m entering a tournament here in Long Island, NY tomorrow and then planning on going to one in Fall River on Aug 27th. I may need a ride if any one is going? Anyways, see you guys soon.


This is the exact type of thing I’ve been looking for down here in San Antonio, TX. We have a weekly fight night at a LAN center but nothing that sounds this awesome. Garages FTW. Cannot wait to see a video or two of a session. Thinkin’ about doing this where I live. Gotta see how things pan out over the next few weeks.

Be greatful y’all have a ‘venue’ like this. :slight_smile:

I’ll have videos up if we aren’t streaming very soon rub. Glad to see more people taking interest in garage hosting. baha =D

EDIT: I’ll buy a tri-pod for my camera.

Kenny, you need to bring your one hilarious friend to commentate every saturday. K thanks.

Also: Let’s get cereal with CvS2 again. Best fighting game ever. GO FOR BROKE! Also, best sound track ever or tied with Killer Instinct. Wow, we need to play that again also. Not gold though, fuck juggles.



FRL is fuckin gdlk

I try.

Nice sig.

this sat gonna be a session?

I looked at the tournament calendar and I don’t see any events coming up. So everything is go for Saturday.

Count me out. Training with Santhrax for a few while here in NY. I’ll be back soon though. =D Also I’m going to SummerJam and I’ll be in another tournament in two weeks that will be streamed by 8wayrun. Maybe I’ll get lucky and not have to fight Dormamu in Winners 1. Doubtful, but we’ll see.