Fall River Fights - GameKing (MA/RI) | Tue/Sat

Sorry I didn’t see any alerts/get emails from this thread?? I’m on campus Tuesday-Saturday, the only thing is that I have to be back on campus Saturday by atleast 8 for work so… I hate being an adult. /pout

Are all fighting games welcome at these little gatherings or is it only SF and MVC. I’m from New Bedford

We’re on fridays now! I dunno if thats any better.

You can bring anything you want, problem is finding people to play with you. What game is it? Judging by your name I have an idea. :china:

I meant 8am lol. Playing fighting games til 2 in the morning then waking up at 6 makes me do uneven haircuts :frowning:

I’m down to play whatever, as long as you guys can teach me how to play it.

I expect to see you all at the tournament this weekend!

You mean Mr. Dash?

Merkilo, Go to that tournament and ignore anything else said in this thread. :nunchuck:

He isn’t the best until he beats me.

Mirror matches are always stupid.

I’m the best Balrog.

Yeah and I’m the best T.Hawk.


Also I will put 200 dollars on cheezburger being best New England Captain America

But have you seen my Captain America?

I’ve been posting this everywhere.

Ok fine 200 says its better than Ken’s specifically

Merk are you coming to the fall river tournament on the 17thhhh? :slight_smile:

Cheeseburger has the best Captain America in the cosmos.

I’m not sure yet. I would like to though.

CHEESEBURGER USES MY COMBOS AND MY TECHNIQUES!!! I will take that match anyday, anytime! OMG Someone get me an offline match with cheeseburger!