Fall River Tourny* quick Result*

ok here is the result for yesterday tourny.


  1. Ricky Ortizta*
  2. Caddles
  3. Kr4zyJ0nes*


  1. Ricky Ortizta*
  2. Arturo S.
  3. Kr4zyJ0nes*

Alpha 3:

all i know is Ricky first and james s. second after that i have no clue.

This tourny was off the hook mad competition. Though i was hoping more people would show up like marcel, duc do, remmy and so on. Anyway Ricky is a beast with them RC shit. Arturo is a funny mutha fuker :lol:

Ricky: I know next time i will give you a better fight :smiley:
Arturo: You know i’m getting closer and closer to your level and next time won’t be any ezier muaha* :lame:

Pjc: Good shit with them S-groove skillz give me the chill :evil: you will learn to be a true S. player soon.

Thats all I got to say now
Peace out Son!

ricky is too good at mvc2 omg i never got ocved so many times in my life my cable i wanted to see delvis vs ricky lmao

wow best fall river tourney ever and 5 days after only one person replys…

wat team and groove did ricky and arturo use for cvs2? And did alex go?

yo evilryu, ricky is good and all, but i thought u were good? what happened man?!? you got ocv’ed that many times, now i’m really doubting how good you say you are! for you to say you’re good in those other threads and then for you to say that you got ocv’ed by ricky many times, kind of strange isn’t it?!? hmmmmm, i guess maybe i’ll come and win the tourny next time!!!

lol sure guy well just come down and we will see how good you are and you can see how good i am and i never really played against a good cable

Yes, alex came to the tourny. He first lost to Ricky, then to me in loser.

Ricky is a RC beast he can roll cancel with any characters can i hear even 360’s :eek:.

He use Nako, Morrigan, and chunli against me. Which i dont have problem against his naku, but his RC grab with morrigan just ownz. I manage to do really good my first game and got down to his last character and almost won if i didnt foolishly parry a lightning kick and try to grab. Normally it would have grab but it didnt in the tourny so i die :). Second match i took out his nako pretty ez, and die to his mix up with morrigan :bluu:.

Me and Arturo had a pretty close match! We both play P-groove, my team is mid tiers (team thebest you all know who they are) and his is top tiers (blanka, sagat cammy) :rolleyes: . anyway i won my first match and lost my second to his damn eagle :bluu:. Then lost again to the same character. I finally took out his eagle on my third match and went to winning it. Our final match he drop eagle for vega, sagot, and cammy, his vega took both my character out :bluu: and i manage to come back with r2 hibiki, with a little bit of life left i face off against his full cammy and made a good come back but not good enough and he chip me to death hehe.

My prob to ricky for winning all of the tourny.

Man Ricky and Arturo been in Fall River for a week already after the tourny, they must of love fall river and my sav stick so much they don’t want to leave hehe. Anyway i get a chance to play and practice against ricky all these time and i learn a great deal. I will soon be able to represent Ma to the fullest as long as we have these kinds of competition showing up.

thats all i got to say peace out son!

As much as you don’t like me or team shwag(or what it stands for) you need to give team shwag props for bringing the last member back and ricky as well. If it wasn’t for the power of shwag, none of this would be possible.


krazy, gimme some full results so i can give ricky all his apex points lol

damn, morrigan seems pretty deadly… guess i underestimated her, or maybe its just the roll cancelling that made her deadly.:smiley: Roll cancelling makes every character good i guess.
I shouldve went to the tourny, i never saw a good morrigan before
And Savath, keep practicing cuz ur the only one reppin’ Mass for CvS2!!!

oh yeah i forgot to ask, are ricky and arturo the best in NY???
…and its about time people started posting in this thread:D


Ricky is the best from Cali, and Arturo is one of the best in NY.

Shankar wtf is team shawg? never heard of it.

Nose: um this is the best of my knowledge about the tourny result since i dont have the papers, you might want to ask pauly for it cause he had the result hanging for the past week already.

yes team shwag is pretty powerful and i give all of team shwag props for helping to get ricky and arturo to comedown to the fr tourney so good shit team shwag but stop playing s groove all of you god play a good groove lol

ricky’s the best in kali??? i thought that choi and valle guy was the best???

from what i seen ricky is better then them :stuck_out_tongue: this is an honest answer.

that’s true, i’ve seen him play some of nor cal top guys including choi & he’s a monster.i thought choi might have gotten better then him since he came back from japan but i guess not.imo ricky is the best US cvs2 player. too bad he wasn’t at evol.

what you’ve seen and what you play against are 2 different things you’d have to playt choi and valle to say something like that

caddles is right, playing and watching REALLY r 2 different things. But i still believe u savath on that. So… ricky’s the best in America, wat place do u think he would get if he entered evolution?:smiley: Just wondering

damn are ricky and arturo living in fall river now lol

Well to sum it up i’ve played against viscant, asian hittler, eddie lee, and buktooths. especially asian hittler he played against choi in the tourny and seem to do really well against him, even though hittler lost it was an ownage like choi owned eddie :/. My point is that i took out asian hittler, buktooth with ease when i played against them at evo. Can i hear an ocved agaisnt hittler with a r1 yun!.. at first sight i dont know who the guy was and i call him a noob :/. I can garanteed you this much that if i ever get a chance to play choi or alex i will beat them, thats unless they gotten better after evo same goes to me i’ve gotten better. And ricky is still over here in fall river, we played again and once again i showed evident that im getting better and getting some wins from ricky :smiley: baited him with my hoahmaru stuff and hibiki. The worse is that my 24k is beating the crap out of rickys ryu. lol to sum it up he gets annoyed by my gief more then any other character lol atlease thats what his impression was everytime we played lol. usually what beat me the most is the grab rc :confused: can i hear cheese lol.

If ricky was allowed at evo i think he would of place higher then choi or alex, imo alex wont even placed.