Fall River Tourny* quick Result*

how can you beat choi or valle if you have trouble beating people that are rusty like me and alex

Yeah and how come we dont have ST at tourneys anymore? HONDA IS BEST MAN!

Damn, ricky’s stil in Fall River! im bout to head down there rite now just to play him. lol jk.:stuck_out_tongue: So savath, who’d u lose to at evolution? i bet it was the japanese that took u out.:lol: RC is too powerful.:smiley:

Trust The Orochi on this one, he’s from sacramento and he gets to see them play more than the rest of us.

Anyways, nobody ever remembers Cole or Nelson. Cole beat Ohnuki at EVL and Ohnuki is Japan’s national champion. Nelson and Choi also switch off at SVGL sometimes, but Choi DOES win like 70% of their matches.

Bleh, i still think Choi’s the best, because I’ve seen Choi beat Ricky. Granted it was over a year ago when i visited Sunnyvale but it was always by landslide. At EVERY OG game. I remember back in the day when Choi would OCV Ricky’s entire team with just Ryu in CVS.

yep japanese took me out :confused: i never played against their good guile before so its suprise me lol. no clown around here plays guile that probably the reason y i got rap by guile not too much of the rc stuff.

Ohnuki is national champion for cvs2 not st :confused: i hope thats what you mean. cause st hes not the best in japan there’s many other. They only person that acually beat ohnuki in cvs2 was tokido which in my opinion got lucky they shorten those matches. I watch the vid over and over and seen that tokido always get a good come back. I still think ohnuki is the best player in the world his style is too sexy. I mean alex is suppose to be just as good as choi no? if so he got own by freaken liquid metal, and liquid metal almost lost to Nestor :confused: hrmm does that mean nestor is better then alex? i think so. nestor got rob twice in a row against liquid and would of got himself to top 8.

ne way i might be heading up to gt tomorrow with Ricky, arturo, and pjc. so if you guys want to see who these guys are then meet us up there and feel the wrath of cali and ny lol plus fr. well fr is just there to watch gt met their demise muah. tell all your friends and villians to go there if they want to get a chance to play against the best.

what i mean by tomorrow is Friday the 13 creepy isnt it

Aw f*ck u guys r gonna be at GT tonite. If i knew the best from kali and ny was gonna be there, i wouldve went too. Now its too late:mad: Damn if only i checked this forum earlier.

Nope, Cole beat Ohnuki is CVS2 also. :slight_smile: .

nope cole play on the first day and nuki played on second day so its impossible that they played you must be mistaking with another japs. And i recall ohnuki never get sent to loser bracket also so its impossible to say cole beat him.

What were Eddie Lee’s CvS 2 teams at evolution???

omfg savath talking aabout beating alex vale john choi and probbably thinks he’s nasty or something lol damn paul just haave another fr tourney soo so i can beat down savath

… dude i dont have any game with joo i can careless about joo so dont mention shit about me…

get lost son!

Sav can most likely beat valle i dunno about the others tho.

ps: valle is spelled with two L’s not one

lmao sure he can i know how valle is spelled i was just typing really fast didnt realize the mistake but thanks for trying to make me look stupid i appreciate it

well im just saying what i think, and how was i suppose to know you were “typing fast” just trying to let you know.

someone call 911!!! we have another that has been infected by Delvis!

:lol: :lol: :lol:

I don’t think i know. :bluu:

what teams did Eddie Lee use at Evolution Krazy???

he use a lot of random teams

such as mai, vega, hoah, sakura, etc.