Fall Session: kamesama's avatars: 9/24- 10/10

a couple of weeks of avatar requests. feel like i need some practice; so bring them up. please provide pics, and if i turn you down its nothing personal. PLEASE POST WHEN YOU GET YOUR AVATAR. also, use some common courtesy; say thank you. :

[]no one
]no one
[*]no one


I’ll do 3 at a time, and if you see that im busy just hold on a second. thanks.

ffirst post. tumble weed goes by in reverse

harrassment eh?

wheres my wall:p

harrasment? no. and the wall has hit… well… artist’s block. :stuck_out_tongue: so yeah… just wait a little more.

Could I get A Yun avatar, there’s 2 sprites on his Fighter’s Generation page. I don’t care what it looks like, as long as it has my name. :rolleyes:


Can I get an avatar with this pic plz? =D

EDIT: 10/10 is my b-day! Yay me~

DG: ok
y2j: what pic… :o

Can you make me something with the Balrog from LOTR?

k, any pics, nem?

Click on “this pic” from my other post.

Yeah, the attachment.

these are gunna be good.

You using just photoshop kame?




Nooooo RP, whyyyy… :frowning:

Make me one where you finally get on AIM since God knows when and so I can barrade you with pretty pictures you more than likely don’t care to see nor work with.

Blodia knows who I’m talking about. the greatest genius in ze world! i lublove<3 her

oh yes. her. her son looked awfully like t-----. :wtf:

I didn’t know what you were talking about at first. I almost cried and went on a major kazaa spree.:sweat:

It’s probably because T----- is as old as Jesus and used to bang M’Lady in the past.

…or…at least how the story should’ve gone. :o

ytwojay: .

coming up: nem and dark.