Decent turnout, 21 players plus one super-late entry (Rob Aponte). This tournament featured buy-backs for players who lost before the next to last round of losers, they were stuck into a buy-in bracket and had a play off to see who would get back into the real tournament again. Here are the results:

  1. Desmond “Xecutioner” Pinkney
  2. Phil “DSP” Burnell
  3. Shoe, the old-school MvC1 player who amazingly comes back and whups everybody’s ass
  4. Cuong “Kong” Nguyen, who called out of work from Officemax to play
  5. Rob Constant and Dru “Liquidswords” Atanacio
  6. Josh “A Minor Threat” Jodoin and James “AmakusaYoshiroTokisadaYaddaYaddaYadda” Austin
  7. Chris “I’m in the Empire!” Ellis, Jason Kasprzyk, Walter “BacardiJ3di” Padilla, “Black” Rich Williams, and Christian
  8. Jeff “GohanFan” Cibulus, Jermaine Jenkins, and Phong “Speedy” Nguyen
  9. Tristan Levy, Rohan, Oliver Chang, Fred, and Chris S.

The winners of the buy-back-in brackets were Chris Ellis and Speedy, but they lost to Kong and Shoe, respectively. Chris Ellis lost to Kong TWICE in this tournament, but only because he bought back in. Shoe lost to DSP twice because it was losers’ finals.


-Walter “BacardiJ3di” Padilla tried to pull a fast one by LYING and saying he beat Christian, when they never even played. This totally fucked up the brackets and I had to stick Christian into a later buy-back round because Walter had lied, and already got eliminated from the tourney before I could fix anything.
-Shoe came out of NOWHERE and decided to kick everybody’s ass today. The guy doesn’t even play MvC2 but you may remember him from MvC1 days.
-Kong, for the first time ever, decided to do well in a tournament and got 4th. He was going to go to work but decided to call out and stay, and he did well. By the way Kong, you left your pizza so Shoe and I ate it :smiley: can’t let it go to waste.
-Winners finals was DSP vs Desmond, which Des won 3-1. Finals was a repeat, 4-1. Pretty much I couldn’t block anything Des’s Magneto did on our sticks, which is funny because I could block everything Sanford did with Magneto at CTF a few weeks ago. Either our cabs controls are too close to each other so I can’t get the correct angle to block fast, or the sticks aren’t as good as CTF’s. But I’m sure as hell that I knew how to block that basic high-low stuff he was doing.
-Dru just doesn’t understand the fact that you can’t buy back in if you’re in 5th place when you lose; that’s just too far. He kept complaining that I wouldn’t make an exception for him, when I kept explaining to him that everyone else that re-entered lost two rounds before him, and would most likely easily lose to Shoe and Kong anyway. He was upset, but oh well, I’m a FAIR tournament director and I can’t make exceptions.

There will be another tournament in THREE weeks time on August 16th, that’s the Saturday after EVO.


I did good this time…right…right? I had a blast it was good getting together and seeing a SHITLOAD of new faces who dont know who the fuck I am! :smiley: Thanks Phil for putting me up against Desmond and Shoe, ya bum! Casual play was the funnest, picking top tier in casual was too good for you guys :smiley: so I had to bust out the felicia/bbhood/tronne. Nice to see Waterbury make a coming return too.


Damn, Papa Doc you didn’t have to beat B-Rabbit down like that.