Fallout: New Vegas



Or you can get the trailer here.


I guess the news about this game has been running around, but I never heard of it until just recently. I was pretty happy with Fallout 3 (especially since it was probably one of the only recent RPG’s that I have enjoyed) so I’m pretty excited for New Vegas!




War…War never changes.


After watching the trailer, I noticed that the flag that was waving outside of New Vegas was the California flag and not the Nevada flag.



Can’t wait.


the things from Killzone are in there?


The game is set in the Mojave desert, so i’m assuming you’ll be able to cross over into California in the game. It is quite interesting.


Start saving your bottlecaps!


Here’s hoping this game will actually be challanging and not a snorefest like F3.


i hope obsidian doesn’t fuck this up like they did with kotor II


Doubt they will, this is an expansion to F3. They have ample time.


<insert nerdrage comment here>


for all its faults KOTOR 2 was much more interesting than Fallout 3.

Neverwinter Nights 2 sucked, though


There is a very good explanation for that.


I am stoked. I loved Fallout 3 and I am adding this to my list of games to get!


FO3’s gameplay with FO1/2’s RPG elements. The only way they can screw this up is if the setting ends up being stupid.


Get…fucking…Hype. When i saw that Californian flag i almost had to change my pants. And dare i say it people…AREA FUCKING 51! calling it right now.


i wish more people would play FO1 and 2


The only real problem with KOTOR 2 was the ending. And that wasn’t even really Obsidian’s fault, it was Lucas Arts telling them to just slap a bandaid on all the problems so they can have it out for Christmas.


F3 is very overrated, the story was meh, vats system was cool but got kind of boring after a while, voice overs ranged from laughable to decent at best, the ending was GARBAGE, the best part of the game was leveling up and choosing perks IMO it was overall a pretty good game but Lost odyssey and especially Mass effect 1 (let alone the very superior sequel) completely shit on F3. I’m probably going to get this but I’m not paying full price.