False advertise tournament and prizes not given out

There was a tournament at my college for a couple of games. The game were Halo, Super Smash Bros Melee, Street Fighter, and some mystery tournament. Halo was the first tournament it went on all day and didn’t finish.

So next day it was ran again when Super Smash Bros Melee should be played. So it took all day again for Halo but it finished. Now the thrid day Stree Fighter should be played but they said it’s going to be cancel and run Super Smash Bros Melee until a bunch of people complained that they only entered the tournament for Street Fighter and would not say which Street Fighter game was to be played.

So they agree to play Street Fighter the next day and annonce Street Fighter Alpha 3. Someone said why not just run Super Smash Bro Melee and Street Fighter ALpha 3 at the same time since we had 3 tvs. Sounds like a good idea since we only using 1 console for Super Smash Bros, the other for random play and one not in use. It says no that is a stupid idea which I find him stupid for saying that. The tournament would be on time atleast.

Now they annonce they don’t have Super Smash Bros Melee, but would play on the N64 Super Smash Bros. Some people complain about this and complain about the rules. They annonce the game would be 5 minutes. Everybody compain about this 5 minute ruling saying anyone can win and is not tournament rules. Non of the Smash Bros player were happy with the ruling.

Now on to the last day the Street Fighter ALpha 3 tournament and the mystery tournament. Someone comes in with a joystick and they said it was ok to use. Once they see him in pratice playing with it and seeing crazy long combo they go on and say it cheating and is not allow to use it.

Players complain and said it was fine. The person told him I can’t play on the playstation controller and never use the pad in his life. Anyways we play and many players notice the pads they gave us to play with was not good one was a playstion 1 controller and the other was a thrid party clear one that you can see the inside of it. The third party was kinda broken it would not register the buttons all the time. Players said they have a ps2 pad but the organizer wouldnt allow them to use a ps2.

Anyways we got the winner and now onto the mystery tournament one of them was Mortal Kombat 2 we use some playstation 2 Mortal Kombat game that you had to input a code to get Mortal Kombat the idiot doesn’t even know the code and take 20 minutes to call a friend who has a computer infront of him to get him the code.

We all said just go to the computer lab which is 30 seconds away to get the code. Myster tournament is over and people ask for their prizes. He said that he doesnt have it and would call the winners.

It has been a month and a half since we got to see any prizes. The Office of Student Life knows this tournament happen and had a part of what prizes should be given. They advertise a Wii, PSP, and DS. People who enter the tournament are wondering what about to the entry fee for the tournament also, becuase they advertise that all money would go to chartiy the Child Play Charity.

How do I find out if the money was given to charity or they just kept the entry fee in their pockets. Also what can be done for the prize they promise the winners. We talked to the organizer and he is saying we are getting nothing and stop bothering him about it. What can be done about this.

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You’re not doing this injustice justice.

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ok i think i got it. Let me give short version.

Some dudes at his school ran a videogame tournament with promises of Wiis, and PSPs among other prizes. The tourny was running late and ill run in all kinds of ways. Instead of prizes the winners were given promises of phone calls,

A month later there has been no calls, and he wants to know if there is a way he can tell if the entry fee went to help the kids like they promised. As well as wondering if there is a way to speed up the process of the winners finnialy getting their prizes.

there might be something you can do… i personaly dont think it would be worth the time though. but thats mainly cause my time = mad moniez $_$


I’m glad I read that block of text - it reminded me that MK: Shaolin Monks came with MK2, or something like that… maybe I should pick that up if it’s more accurate than MAT2.

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My first thought is, “you’re in college and you write like that?”

Honestly, if you can’t get this resolved, keep records, find something airtight as proof, and consider small claims court.

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I read it, despite it being a dang sea of words (hint hint life jackets).

But in actuality… you should’ve stayed on their asses SOONER AND LONGER.
Complain not JUST to the student council (cause most know student councils do nothing but shit around all day), but to the higher ups at the school itself. Give out ALL the details. Fish out as many people as possible that you know/recognize that went into the tournament. Don’t sit on this if it’s your money.

But then again, looks like they got yer ass. IMO after a week of “nothing”, I would personally go around on a sledgehammer spree.


It’s not that there is a lot of text, its the fact that its all in one paragraph =/

Also, if feels as tho the story could’ve been shorter.

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