False Rape Accuser both imprisoned and forced to pay restitution to victim


This event actually took place back in December but was recently added to the National Registry of Exonerations

source: https://www.law.umich.edu/special/exoneration/pages/casedetail.aspx?caseid=4334

Felt it was worth sharing due to the fact this is one of the few cases I can recall offhand where the false accuser was meaningfully punished(let alone the only one I can think of at the moment where the accuser was forced to pay restitution to the victim instead of just paying fines from the courts). Oh and you guys know how much I love a good story about a woman fucking up :tup:


I really hope something bad happens to her in prison…


I made an account on SRK.


I don’t know what’s more scary: that the judge gave 45 years to a 14 year old based only on a 10 year old girl’s word and no other evidence, or that he was only released due to said girl confessing her lie and having a shred of a conscience.


I’m happy for the guy, and glad the perpetrator got punished.

I also hope he doesn’t just blow whatever money he’s going to get (because he’s not getting that full $90,000).


Orochi: Montgomery was arrested when he was 20, with the girl telling her tale six years after the “fact”. I personally find it rather terrifying that a he said she said case six years removed was able to land that guy a 45 year sentence, also notice there was no jury present. A kangaroo court if I ever heard of one.


Good to hear, wish their was a better way to punish the girl than just sending her to prison. Prison doesn’t really help anything. I also wanna know more about her family and why she was so terrified of her mother. Also wonder how the restitution is gonna be handled.


Any crime where you falsely accuse someone and they get sent to jail (thereby severely declining their quality of life from that time onward), you should suffer the same fate yourself (IE going to jail or similar punishment).


Society as a whole tends to have a strong emotional response to a victimized female, especially if the proposed perpetrator is male. So strong is this emotional response that often logic and evidence are overlooked.

In this story it appears this woman attempted to project blame onto someone else and underestimated how strong the response was going to be. And by the time the dust had settled she was left with a justifiably massive amount of guilt.

I myself have been amazed at just how strongly people can react to women getting hurt and how different the response is when the victim is a man. There is a lot of power in that, and some women cannot resist the temptation to use it when being spiteful. It can even be annoying when you don’t want to be coddled and condescended to. Because sometimes, it gets tiresome when everyone is trying to save you, as if you’re not capable of overcoming your own challenges.

But ultimately, in my opinion the fault of these situations aren’t so much on the women making false allegations, as the system that is so ready to believe them. I’m not saying that this woman shouldn’t be punished for making false allegations, but I feel more action should be taken against the judge and anyone involved in that court proceeding. They’re the ones who enacted the judicial punishment based purely on words that could not be supported with any credible evidence.

And to me, the real question is why? Why does society have this response to women? It’s easy to simply pin the blame on women, but it takes a considerable number of men to perpetuate this as well.


At least she confessed. There may still be some who don’t feel as bad to hold their tongue.


This obviously predates anyone who draws breath on this planet. I don’t know the origin of this. But whoever was responsible would have gotten their neck broken for it. I don’t know if it’s natural because of how men look at women. I don’t know if it’s how boys are raised. Because I know the blame does fall on the men as well. I remember when my GM told me that I’m not supposed to touch women. So I asked him, a guy who knew how to box, who had been shot twice and thought he would not make it to 30, WHY. And WHY is was okay for women to do it to us(men). He gave no answer. I don’t know if it’s biological or what. Because I know we are aware that men are spared no quarter for even the smallest transgression but women tend to get it easier. Even the religious will shame men for sleeping with married women but never the woman. I know the current state of things are not simply the fault of women. It’s men and the state as well.

The white supremacists look at their women like some angelic figure and the black community has this African goddess nonsense. This crap is everywhere. And it’s done a lot more harm than good. It’s honestly unforgivable the more I learn about it. It infuriates me. And it’s acceptable and reinforced throughout the world. I will never forgive humanity for the mess that came out of this.



I have no idea whether you truly don’t have any idea how it has gotten to this point or not, but I’ll assume you don’t.

Politics. (You know the whole song and dance of, electing someone into office who will pass the bills you want them too because you helped fund their campaign and got them the all important woman vote.)

Massive amounts of Ad money poured into guy shaming.


It becoming a perfectly acceptable part of society to marry, divorce because of “irreconcilable differences”, then get to take the guys house, kids, car, and half (in some cases more than half) his paycheck every month until said child(ren) turns 18. More if he can’t keep up and is paying back child support.


It becoming perfectly okay for women to assault someone with little to no consequence (short of murder).


There’s something that keeps recurring here…

@Hatred Edge

Considering the surprising number of black women that shit all over us I don’t understand it either.


Yeah to me the people that really deserve the harshest punishments are the judges.


It’s not politics, it’s evolution by natural selection.

For thousands of years our ancestors lived in small groups of individuals, fought turf wars with neighbouring groups over food, territory, women and any other random excuse for a fight. Mostly the men fought in the wars and died, and the losing side’s women were spared by the conquerors who mated with them (more like raped them). This created baby boys that would fight for the tribe in future wars and baby girls who were treated as property and sometimes traded to rival groups in exchange for something or another.

Our primitive brains place a higher value on a woman’s life than a man’s life because one man can impregnate many women but a woman can only be impregnated by one man. One egg equals one sperm, but a woman cannot mate again until 9 months later, while a man can mate again within a few minutes of impregnating the last woman.

That’s why we’re all familiar with the phrase “Alpha male”, these are a small percentage of the male population that are considered to have the best genes to pass on, in other words “the strongest and the smartest”. But no one has ever used “alpha female” to describe the most desirable females. Why not? Because every woman is considered valuable, whether she’s desirable or not, because she can give birth regardless of how good her genes are.








One should probably be more aware of the double standards that derive from instinctive and emotional places.


7,000,000,000 + people on a way overpopulated Earth.

Evolution plainly fucked up.


Why does she only get 5 years for sending a guy to prison for 45?

Oh well least she had the good sense to admit her fuck up and spare him the remaining 40.




WEEKENDS. YOU GET TO SERVE YOUR SENTENCE ON WEEKENDS??? you know who didnt get to serve his sentence on weekends, and would have been there until he was 60 if he didnt die or do something to extend his sentence after giving up on life eventually, THE GUY YOU LET GO TO PRISON.

serving weekends. HA! hopefully her fat ass falls down some stairs in prison and dies. 90 grand that dude wont ever see, along with 4 years he wont ever get back. i wonder if the case is shitty enough for him to sue the state and get some big bucks.

no shocker the judge was a woman. yes im being sexist out of frustration. fat ho talking about her faith helped her come to light. faith, pfft. fuck you and your faith. if your god will let you off the hook so easily for such poor behavior for no other reason then your own personal gain, then your god is a fucking piece of shit. id toss your ass into hell for 45 years once you died if i was your god.


fucking he said she said nonsense. sorry, if i was a judge, im not putting a man away to prison because of something allegedly that happened 6 years prior, and with no evidence whatsoever other then some opinions to base my decision off of. just another example of how shitty human beings are. oh shit, i got caught watching porn, hmmm, whats the best thing to do, oh i know, that guy from 6 years ago that i use to see around and would talk to me, yeah, i’ll blame him for raping me.

what kind of sociopathic shit, AND THIS SOCIOPATHIC BITCH ONLY HAS TO SERVE TWO MONTHS, AND STILL GETS TO KEEP HER JOB AND MAINTAIN HER LIFESTLYE. well not her job at the police station, wherever she works at now. hopefully she works in a big hot pile of shit, picking out the corn.

all that dude can do is take it on the face, which he probably did in prison once inmates found out what he was in there for, and just move on with life. people will tell him not to be angry, to let it go, vengeance is not the option, and he will have to accept that to move on. of course i dont agree with that, and rest assured that judge and coast and her family who stood on that stand would be punished to the fullest extent of the darkest parts of imagination. fuck outta here

never forget. bitches be lyin