.:: Family Arcade (LACC) - SSFIV: Arcade Edition Has Arrived! ::

Family Arcade (Family Amusement Corp)
876 North Vermont Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90029
(323) 660-8180

Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition is here! It’s a head-to-head Japanese cabinet (side by side, not back to back). The price is $1 (4 quarters) to play. If you are playing against the CPU and not against a real opponent, then it will cost 75 cents to continue. However, if you lose to an actual opponent, then you will have to pay one dollar if you want to continue. Pretty much, once you lose to an opponent, you start all over again.


For those who are not familiar with the arcade, all games there accept Family Arcade tokens, but SSFIV: Arcade Edition only accepts quarters. There is a change machine inside.

During the evening/nighttime, you can park at the Family Arcade parking lot. Space is limited. During the daytime, there is street parking and meter parking. I don’t think the LACC parking lot is open at the moment since the semester ended, but when the parking lot is open, it’s $2 for the whole day. The LACC parking lot closes around 11pm or so.

You have two options for how you want to play the game. It’s Arcade Mode and Beginner Mode.

Arcade Mode: Traditional arcade style. Pay, play, people challenge you, etc.

Beginner Mode: You play against the CPU, whose difficulty is really low. It’s done that way so you can practice with your character and still have a little bit of resistance from the computer. Nobody can challenge you while in Beginner Mode. People can still play the game, but they won’t be “a new challenger.” After three matches with the computer, your game automatically changes to Arcade Mode and if somebody is already playing on the other side, the systems link up and you two have to play each other as if somebody challenged you in Arcade Mode.

I hope all this makes sense. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Post up.

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Church nigga…church…

Holla at cha boy.

YEAH~ I’ll be there.

Yes! Family Arcade is stepping their game up.

Edit: They also have 3S, MVC2, TVC, and CVS2 each 2credits each (from when i was last there atleast)

so this is like really close to where i live in LA. Im in there.

im 10 minutes away and i need to get my sf4 bars up so ill be there.

Oh man I work less than 10 minutes from there, please tell us any detail as to when they will be getting it!

GGs to the guys I played at Family today. I was the Akuma there with the UCSD sweater. To all you guys reading the thread, AE IS AT FAMILY ARCADE!

However, one of the cabs is actually out of order because some dude jammed a quarter in there or it got stuck or something so I don’t know when they’ll fix it probably tomorrow maybe?

Prolly gonna checkout Family Arcade today haha


I am going to try to get up there sometime, a hell of a lot closer than say, AI lol.

Maybw bring out that CvS2 Raiden lol

Hell yeah! I’ll bring some cats over that play CvS2, too. You’re going to learn a lot from these guys, then I’ll pass the torch to you for CSULA CvS2 reigning champion. lol.

Let me know when you plan to roll by so I can meet you up there. I was there earlier today. It was cool because it was dead. I had plenty of time to practice with Yun. When the LACC Winter semester starts up again, there should be plenty of comp. Right it, it’s perfect for training and understanding the characters.

It’s here!

Edit: I just called them and the manager said they didn’t get it yet. JC, what’s going on?

just got back from here… AE was there! no one was there playing tho but i’ll probably be there again tonight

What the heck? Why did that lady say they didn’t have it. Was both machines working?

Edit: I’m on the phone with them again and a guy picked up this time. He said he has 2 machines linked ready to play for $1.

Thats wassup. What times would be good to go?

What up, Joon! Haven’t seen you in a while. Good thing you got that cleared up. It is there and it’s working fine. I don’t know of any lady that works there. Maybe it was the owner’s wife and she just said what she thought.

From what I saw today, evening time is good for competition. Early in the day is good to practice.

Damn, I was there around 12p - 2p then from 6p - 8p. Arcade Edition just came out and I think I’m already burnt out. I don’t think I’m cut out for this anymore. lol. I didn’t really have any challengers during the afternoon slot, so I was always on the sticks, meaning I was pretty much playing for 2 hours straight. Later on, it was a different story.

GGs to the people I played today.

Im gonna try to see if I go soon. I am going to try tomorrow, but chances are I wont make it since lately I been running a shit ton of errands for my parents.

holy crap.

might be the reason i want to go now. i haven’t been there in ages and i used to go there a lot after school back in 2000

Wassup JC. Yeah, I don’t go out to play casuals anymore-

So I went to Family Arcade yesterday around 10:00 PM and the other machine was out of order. I’m going there with my older bro later today. Hopefully it’ll be up-and-running?