Family Arcade(next to LACC) or the general (323) thread


I’ve wondered for the longest if any SRKers went to this arcade. It has Marvel,CvS2, 3S, MvC, UMK3, and some KOF. It’s no FFA but still it’s alright. Closer for the folks that live in the Hollywood area.
It’s right across from the school LACC. So who else goes or would be down to go?

The cabs are okay. games are 2 quarters though =/.

876 N. Vermont Ave.
Los Angeles CA, 90026

Mapquest link


TWO QUARTERS? Nigga, you crazy!

American or Jap sticks?


y not just go to montebello instead??


i’ll be there next week, wheeeeee


i guess ill go sometime next week!!


Yes, very.
American sticks.

Cool. :tup:


so then theys gots p360 sticks right?? or am i wrong?


i only went once and didn’t pay attention to what kinda sticks they had.

once i was done i left and went back on the LACC campus xp


Shit, this place is extremely close.

Let me know when you guys are gonna go sometime. I’ll drop by. It’s in 90029 and I’m 90028. And I’m crazy enough to go with two quarters if it means good competition. Just means I gotta play harder.


I will be going not this weekend but next one…I used to play hardcore MvC2 and 3rd. But I like CvS2 too. …hopefully, I will be seeing some good competition.


Fuck Family Arcade!!

I highly recommend that no one goes to this weak ass arcade. Your characters die with 1 super and it’s 2 tokens to play.


What game? That one marvel machine that I played on has damage ratio levels kinda low, right near the CvS2 machine. There’s some other fighters I’d like to test in there also (only went once again during my visit of the college)


The Mvc2 machine everyone plays… The damage is like at the highest setting and it’s been like that for years… The other machine sucks too. Everything about that arcade sucks.


Well I guess it wasn’t the one I played on, I won by time in like 3 matches lol. Still, it’s by the college guess a few games won’t hurt seeing how I gotta revisit.


The damage is now stupid low but the sticks and buttons are ok, nothing great though. Sticks are 8-way

This and college arcade (it use to be next to it) was dope as hell like 8 years ago but the owners got mean stingy.

I only play there when I have to kill time and Im in the area, other than that its not worth it. You would be better hitting up another joint… say Shatto or a Korean arcade down the street.

3rd strike machine sucks. CvS2 sucks, damage is too high that a ratio-1 can fuck up a ratio-4.

The Arcade could be worth going to if it wasn’t for the greedy owners who are trying to make a buck.


Yeah I agree if they fix they stupid ratios it wouldn’t be so bad. I’ll still be around the area next week though and drop by.


Ah college arcade. I remember that place was so fucking dark. Damn place needed some fucking light up in there. Shatto is alright.


I use to go to Shatto ever since I was like 11… That place is gay too don’t go there.

I fucked up the security guard there so I’m banned for life lol. =\


I’ll be around the area around 12-1ish. I’m gonna revisit the college again then swing around here.


ggs today 4play