Family consumed LSD laced meat bought from Walmart


Was just watching the news when I heard this crazy news. And yes… this was in Florida.


Must have been one hell of a family dinner. LOL I can only imagine what the conversations were around the table HAHAHAHA.

EDIT: And the mother gave birth?! Holy crap, I bet that was crazy for the father if they let him watch, though I’m sure if he couldn’t handle it at the dinner table, he probably would of freaked out then.


What do you get when you cross a matzo ball with LSD?

A trip to Israel.


Best dinner EVER!!


So…can they sue walmart and get paid?

After dinner I bet the boyfriend agreed with Skip Bayliss.


Wal-Mart will take meat from a non-refrigerated isle and place it back in the meat section for ou to go home and eat in all it’s under temperature goodness. Mmmm Mmmm…

No surprise someone was able to tamper with it and get it slipped back into the supply so easily.

Also, this:



Sees that it happened in Florida

Oh. I thought something weird happened. My mistake.



I know people who would pay top dollar for this.


Those people are me.


“The steaks are from Wal Mart.”

“Get out of here.”


No. Get the fuck out of here. That dinosaur’s breath is purple and he’s going to kill us.”


I wonder if they’ll release the 911 call, that would be interesting to listen too.


raises hand


wait a second, how did the lsd survive being blasted in a stove. or was this already pre cooked meat???

I want this now


I couldn’t help but laugh even though I know it’s wrong


Babies first acid trip!

Only in Florida.


…"That’s what THEY said."



The conversation when they all get out of the hospital is going to be quite interesting


Why does this have it’s own thread when we already have a Florida thread.

I mean, fucked up shit happening is neither new nor shocking. All families in Florida could be consuming mass amounts of LSD and shooting it up their kids asses while sodomizing aligators and it wouldn’t be shocking simply because it’s Florida.


It would actually explain a lot.

The reality of this news story is probably more along the lines of “This one family accidentally missed their dose one day, Equilibrium style, and inadvertently awoke from the state’s population-wide never-ending fever dream.”

That sounds gross and unsafe!

You should only ever consume meat that comes from properly refrigerated isles, such as Greenland.


I watched that movie for the first time when I was 4, it ruined my anus.