Family Fun 2/28 Results


3s singles:

notes: some dude, barry, shows up and wins the tournament.

cvs2 singles:

amir beasts out of nowhere to the win.

3s teams of 3

  1. team run
    saizo - makoto
    amir - chun-li
    combo fiend - elena

  2. team rocket
    watson - alex
    hungbee - oro
    barry - urien

  3. downtown to chinatown
    ken i. - makoto
    yi - ken
    edma - ken

  4. team stoners
    alex asian - ibuki
    frankie3s - ken
    pyrolee - yun

  5. team control
    marvin - urien
    elliot - yang
    chris - alex

  6. team fuck yes
    shogo - 12
    antonio - ken
    anthony - necro

team run beasted.

if anyone wants their name fixed on apex, just post here what it is currently and what you want it changed to.


I found an error in APEX 3rd Strike Standing

Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike
Pacific South Division

8 Hung Han
Hungbee 746 3

9 Hung Han
HungBee 640 6


Hey Rock. My Apex name is “Anthony Chu” and the handle is “Mutant XP.” And “Elliot” only has one “L.” His full name is “Eliot Lee.” Thanks.



If you can add my real name to APEX, that would be swell.


Please change to if possible:
Steven Rodriguez


this is hung’s account:

HungBee is incorrect.

i fixed the names that were posted, check and make sure.


‘AfroCole’ For me. I’m droping the a-dhalsim name A3 sucks =P



Rock, start a thred for March tournaments. . . I’ll be sure to get the “Simi scrub group” out to FF for 3s.

Q : Who is the Barry guy who came and won 3s solo?


ok i fixed all the names again, check and make sure.

sup rob, yi is actually the new tournament director, i have retired. but yeah, it’d be a good idea to get some more 3s tournaments going since sbo quals are in one month. single game, double-elim is the format (:(). barry is some dude who literally shows up once every four years, you’d know him if you saw him. he has a shaved head and shaved eyebrows even, no one talks to this guy. well actually barry showed up twice this year, at the last 2 on 2, he got second place by himself since no one wanted to be his partner, lol.


oo could you add my real name to apex also?

Currently: Saizo

Real name: Henry Park