Family Fun 3/21 Results 3s, MvC2


MvC2 Singles:

3rd Strike Singles:

KOF2K3 Singles : canceled

3rd Strike Teams of 2 Game Newton Format:

  1. pyrolee : yun
    allen kim : yun

  2. sean kim : chun
    mark useless tool : necro

  3. edma : ken
    royce 720 : hugo

  4. hungbee : oro
    5 star china: ken

  5. bori kim : necro
    leland : ken

  6. adolfo : alex
    marvin : urien

  7. frankie3s : ken
    tearbane : ibuki

  8. shogo : yun
    dzuy : chun

decent turnout, good times, fun fun fun, good games to all that attended. if anyone needs there apex changed, let me know

shogo got a lot of the tourney footage, especially the team, look out for that, good shit

see u all next week

btw, i am 5 star china


good job ed.


good shit ed, ur rouge is mad crazy:D

the tourney was coo, but i gota get use to round robin, oh well. guess i’ll see yall at the next one

peace ~1~


Phat toi how did you get 4th?

Round robin is no good.


It’s too bad I had to go…probably why I got last place :)…oh well maybe next time I will stay for the whole. Good games to everyone though…I only played Marvel…I mostly use Magneto/Cable/TronBonne. The tall hispanic gay mostly playing on the big machine there. Round Robin was a bit weird for me…first time I entered a tourney in that format. It’s all good I guess…I didn’t like how people kept coming in to play though…oh well. Alright well maybe I will see you all there next tourney. Later.



Another fun tourney…big thanx to Yi for running it…I guess I’ll start using Yun now…I got peaced out so fast…need more practice :stuck_out_tongue:


Good shit to KOF 2K3 … great tourney !

THAT GAME IS ILL !!1111 :cool:


props to 5 star for organizing everything again. You rox mangs.


thanx guys, hope to see u guys this saturday for sure! lets make this saturday biggggg