Family Fun 3/27


CvS2 SBO Quals Practice, final 8 round robin

  1. peter rosas “combofiend” : A eagle/rock/bison
  2. jason cole “afrocole” : K sagat/vega/cammy
  3. amir amirsaleh “amiramir” : A sagat/sakura/cammy
  4. alex salguero “sin” : C vega/balrog/blanka
  5. warren patten “evilelvis” : A ken/sakura/sagat
  6. israel berttalett : P ryu/cammy/sagat
  7. william garcia “drizzt01” : A yuri/athena/kim
  8. kenny guerra “kennywood” : K hibiki/cammy/sagat

3rd Strike SBO Quals Practice, final 8 round robin

  1. vic vance “victoly” : dudley
  2. amir “amiramir” : chun
  3. mike fauson “pyrolee” : yun
  4. frank melendez “frankie3s” : ken
  5. thomas shin “arlieth” : makoto
  6. paul lee “paulee” : ken
  7. barry milavetz “bbq sauce” : urien
  8. jose lico “kma” : chun

victoly went undefeated throughout the qualifying tourney and the round robin, he also bought us a pitcher of kirin ichiban at kyushu, good times. i got to take my picture with the hot waitress :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

when i figure out how to put this into apex, the rest of the tourney results will be posted or when someone gives me a good idea on how i can put points for this

great tourney, thanx to all of you guys who came out, this is the last one for march, there will be no tourney next week for i will be going up north for sbo and so will all of you, check the tournament thread next week for the april calender and good luck to all the players going to sbo

note: sorry to the millions and millions of the 5 stars fans, but the 5 star missed the 8 man round robin by 1 chip point, he got really stupid and apologizes for not giving his fans what they deserve. the 5 star will be back and will only practice harder, from the day the arcade opens til it closes, god speed


Another fun tourney…thanx again Yi :smiley:

and big thanx to Vic for the beer…even tho I had a kiddie size cup to drink on, Kyushu was still fun with everyone there :stuck_out_tongue:

Our waitress was pretty cute, Fried Kimchee w/ pork ownz, 720 looks like Chong Li from Bloodsport, Vic is a vogue model, Pyro sux for skipping out on us for Gunbound, Mayu can really eat a whole lotta food, Marvin ownz Yi in rice eating, and Mindy wasnt there to cheer for Tom :lol:

See u guys at SVGL next week !!!


BTW, for the record, Yi lost by TWO chip points. If he had enough meter for an EX fireball xx SA3 it would’ve won. Alas, no dice. =(

I need a chick to cheer me on. And sux for me to miss Kyushu, I wanted to meet the hot waitress and get drunk and sing to L’Arc in the car on the way back to Family. =P


good times good times, this is for you mark!

kyushu was fun, cheers “lets beat japan!” :smiley: :smiley:

ed ma dances like a monkey i hear! :cool:


I qualified for japan yay!


Wow…you pretty much got everything that was memorable :lol:. You forgot the part where paulee was riding a shopping cart and tried to play chicken with an eclipse. Which leads me to believe top 3s players + beer = insane-o moments.

Ed: When i see you we goin clubbin you can show me some new steps :smiley: .

Yi: Big thanks to you. Tourney was a great success. Im pretty sure this would give us an advantage on how it is going to feel like up north.

Tom: You need to play with us more and hang out with us too. I hear you da life of the party when you drink. Lets partay man!


Someone teach me execution :frowning: i was lucky enough to make the round robin tho. gg’s to everyone.

BTW Vic is going to win NCR 3S.


(psst, for those that aren’t aware, Kenny went 0-7 in the round robin, that is all)

I really liked the rapid-fire one game for everyone format this time around. We should still do 2 out of 3 normally, tho.

Also, thanks to everyone who stopped me because of my dapper Finest KO T-shirt and thanked me for the site, I appreciate it.


Wowserz. Crazy results. Sounds like I missed an awesome tournament. Good job Vic. You are S. Cal’s secret weapon against Ricky. :smiley: Good job Cole for not picking Vice. Hehe.

And I missed the tourney cause I was up until I don’t even know when playing City of Heroes. And then I woke up and decided to play more City of Heroes. I think I’m addicted. :confused:

720 = Chong Li = Goro. Hahahaha. Bounce yo titties and go “gah!”. We should definetly go clubbing sometime. So you can watch me dance like a monkey.


I hate you, that is all.


:evil: Good tourny, Good eatin’, Fun time.

3s players and Beer do NOT mix them.

Chun-li Chun-li Chun-li Chun-li Chun-li Chun-li Chun-li Chun-li Chun-li!



it did work!


any vids:D?

i was hoping shogo would have something sweet to put on on