Family Fun 4/17 MvC2 Results

  1. SooMighty - Sent/Storm/CapCom
  2. Potts - Sent/Storm/CapCom, MST
  3. Dc Static - MSP
  4. Chris Schmidt - Mag/Cable/Sent-a, Sent/Storm/Cyc
  5. Illan - IM/Cable/Doom
  6. Albert - Sent/Storm/Cyc
  7. Deus - Mag/Storm/Sent

potter is crazy. deus is crazy. chris is crazy. dan is crazy. albert is crazy. phat toi and fernie are crazy. duc jr is crazy. the world gone crazy. soo and potts did not fight in winners finals because potts automanically owned soo’s ass without having to even play. soo beat dan (dc static) 2-0 in loser’s finals. and the finals were the funnest games ive played in a while. turn out was pretty damn good. good ish to chris (nor cal’s new top gun) and anthony for coming last minute. and thanks to vlad for contributing 5 bucks to the entree fee.


gj bill


colosus>bill thats all i gotta say >.<


dope ass tourny, havent been to one that was so ill in a while, nothing but good comp. soo’s sent is the shazzle, potters the shazzle, and bills skeeting on his pants is the shazzle, see yall batches on sat at RFC

oh yea: dc statics mspizzle is off the hizzle

SKEET SKEET SKEET ~ The Rizzle~:evil:


fun tourny time to skeet skeet skeet israel.


You guys are too good!


tourney was fun. good shit to team phat’s car/potter’s house. albert, just skeet skeet that shit. soo, your sent > your mag and that is fucking absurd. pozzle, jizzle jazzle and all that bazzle i took the batches money and ran out the door. haha fern fuckin colossus, fuck that muthafucka GG NUKKA. phat, thanks for the CARPOOL, i seriously would have crashed =[.



good shit guys! … tourney was dope :slight_smile:

i didnt think i was gonna get far cuz i lost first round to crazy anton … lol sorry anton, we should flipped a coin that second time we played :stuck_out_tongue: … best part of the tourney was when soo came back from losers to beat potter 8-1 :lol: good shit guys…

and now for the shot outs:

Phat tizzle!!: your fuckin IM IS the REALEST IM!:eek:, its like u hit me once and im dead already. you and my homie illan go at it like crazy wit IM… good shit dogg… i got lucky that one time your unibeam didnt come out :sweat:

Deus: all i gotta say is dont let him catch u with one tri RH or else your dead!! … he gots that RH infinite shit on lock!

Chris: reppin for fresno, lol fuckin coming down at the LAST min and fuckin beasting … haha u almost had me that last round man lol… u scare me now :evil:

Anton: good shit beating me first round… that was all you man, i just fucked up a lot. mad props man u crazy too!.. repp that fresno shizzle

pigadoken: the next fuckin jwong with storm sent cyc, yer shits solid man u beasted on chris that one game !!

DucJr: dont under estimate this guy… i did and i got my ass kicked!, keep it up dogg :slight_smile:

illan: lol damn man u tuff to beat dogg… lol imma stop playing u in casual so i can see how u play now

and last but not least Soo & potter : lol what can i say but BEASTS!!! :evil:

good shit guys … AZ is coming down next week so i hope yall can come back … i know fresno people are :lol:


Good shit Dan, Potter and Soo. Hope to see/play you guys at RFC tourny.


good job soomighty oooooo you so good. You mad good.


No surprises here. I thought that Deus was better than 6th place though. At least from the junk he talks.


score was 8-1. =]
gg’s everyone, good tourney soo is a monster fa shonster
bazzle gazzle slazzle tazzle jazzle in the mazzle. =[
skeeter fa sheeter…honk honk.

RFC gonna be ill, and then some…


hahahah dc_static i was rootin u on because i thought i lost to that one dude because of small stupid mistakes. good shit though.