Family Fun 4/18 3rd Strike CvS2 Results


3rd Strike:

3rd Strike 2on2 Tourney:

  1. Team Control
    Mutant : Necro
    Marvin : Urien

  2. Team Almost Won
    Edma : Yang
    Ken I : Makoto

  3. Team AUS (All Under Sean)
    Sean Kim : Ken
    Amir : Chun

  4. Team Peanut Butter and Jelly Time
    Prof : Ken
    Tool : Chun

  5. Team Revenge
    HungBee : Ken
    5 Star : Hugo

  6. Team ???
    Mike Menace : Hugo
    Leviathan IIDX : Yun

  7. Team Random
    2.0 : Hugo
    Josh : Chun

  8. Team SARS
    Shogo : Yun
    KMA : Yang


word life

see u all at the next tourney

I’m now taking applicants to be on my all-star mighty mighty Twel(e)ve team. Alls you gotta do is gimme a ride from Culver/Venice out to Bumfuck Egypt-- err, Family Fun.

N - I might even buy you a fish sandwich, if you’re lucky.


He just said to give him a ride…

No deal you hobo!

Haha, you suck, yo.

Anyhoo, ya, I’m a hobo and I don’t drive. If someone wouldn’t mind giving me a ride to FF for tourneys and whatnot, I’ll pay gas money, tourney entry, or whatever.

N - Danke.

I would give you a ride but my mom wouldn’t allow that.

She doesn’t like 7 ft tall hobos in her car. =\