Family Fun 5/4 Surprise tourney & 5/5 Biweekly Results

5/4 SUNDAY Emergency/surprise tourney 4 EC:

  1. Sanford Kelley
  2. Soo
  3. Randy
  4. Manuel Bermudez Jr


  1. Ricky Ortiz
  2. Justin Wong
  3. Sanford Kelley
  4. Jason Cole
  5. Henry Kim, Lawrence Perales


  1. ID
  2. Jun Han
  3. Eric Hsu
  4. Chaotic Blue
  5. Ken Tran, Jose 2.0


  1. Frank Melendez
  2. Vic Vance
  3. Pyrolee
  4. Justin Wong
  5. Ken I., David Lee

5/5 Monday Biweekly:

  1. Sin
  2. Fortino
  3. Henry Kim
  4. Lawrence Perales
  5. DASH, Trevor Winston


  1. SOO
  2. Martin Garcia
  3. Jamaal Bowie

CANCELLED, where were all you mofos that asked to have this game!?

my apologies for the few difficulties that we’ve had these past two days, especially in mvc2… things have been a bit hectic lately, next time they’ll run smoother. thanks for coming out guys, hope to see you next time. next time you guys see me let me know if sunday or monday is better for you.

yo something’s wrong with the results. I beat both devil x and ceasar that day but i’m below them.

Also, I only lost one match in MvC2 on sunday, therefore, technically, I was never eliminated, therefore, I got first.
I’ll expect my prize money in the mail.

im glad they keep ranking me high both tournies but i didnt place that high either time even though i beat sins ass yesterday :lol:

Whaddup Sirhenk.


hey ise, soo messed up the brackets i have no fucking clue what the hell he did. soo see the embarrassment and trouble your causing me??? talk to me and ill get it fixed 4 u ise…

sup dogface, come down for xmen soon ya?

Sorry Sirhenk :frowning: :slight_smile:

Hey vic when are u coming back to so cal for some more anti-mopreme trash talk? :lol:

Sorry henk but I cant make monday tourneys cuz of school.


dude…alpha 2 would have had more competitors than project justice…alpha 2…alpha 2…:smiley:

henry: maybe having a thread on voting when the biweeklies should be- sunday or monday…maybe that could help:)

Bull!!! Henry is right, where was EVERYONE who asked for the Project Justic tourny. I was there , Alex Asian, and this guy who was awsome (best i’ve ever seen).

everyone who wanted it and bitched it; u guys suck.

I wish to see how Justin Wong plays CvS2…he seems to at least be a minor threat…Prolly plays turtle Chun Li:confused:

  -B.:rolleyes: :cool:

Mixup posting

As heard on the evo dvd from the japanese

“suuppaaaa suuuuupaa”

:lol: :lol: :lol:

Either you’d random him to death or he’ll simply outsmart you:lol:

The japs are too good


its in their blood…

So is there gonna be another weekend tourney this month?


So is there gonna be another weekend tourney this month?

next one is on monday ( may 12th) for third strike, ggxx and double impact…henk…when will the sunday tournies come back? will they ever? sundays were the best…

I will second that. Darkstalkers III tourney.


sundays yo!!! make it sundays!! (alpha 2 anyone?) vampire savior would be fun too…but…alpha 2?


This is my wish list:

Darkstalkers III
Alpha 2
Samurai Showdown II
King of Fighters 96


greenjoker I already raised a big fuss about the biweekly’s changing from mondays to sundays, they shot me down though, so who knows. I suppose Henk etc. has thier reasons.