Family Fun Arcade: 2/22 3S + GGXX Team Tournament Full Results



1st Paul Lee, Gee-o (Team “Scrubby” Ken, Yang)
2nd Vic, Rockefeller (Team “Stoner” Dudley, Urien)
3rd Joel B, Arlieth (Team “Twinkie” Alex, Makoto)
4th Sean Kim, Yi Wang (Team “Sean Kim” Chunli, Ryu)
5th Mayuko N, Mark (Team “Oh my Gawd!” Chunli, Remy)
5th Reza and Adolfo (Urien, Makoto)
7th Jose, Hung H (Makoto, Oro)
7th Mikei X, Andrew S (Team “Green” Urien, Ibuki)
9th Conroy G, Hiro O (Team “Mad Gay Lovin’” Alex, Urien)
9th sirhenk, Lawrence P (Team “RR” Ryu, Ryu)
9th Chaotic Blue, Dash (Team “RUN” Ryu, Chunli)


1st ID, Dash (Team “RUN deuce” Sol, Sol)
2nd Chaotic Blue, Def (Team “RUN” Jam, Anji)
3rd Phil, Jose (Team “George Falcons UNITE!” Axl, Slayer)
4th Jonathon C, Lawrence P (??)
5th Jonathon B, Gee-O (Team “Land of Oppurtunity! Come )Forth!” ??)
5th Cici C, David (Team “Let’s go home!” Bridget, Chipp)
7th Makaze, sambao (Team “Blah” Jam, Anji)

format of tournament threw off some players initially but ended up all right. sorry to those who were confused at first. this is the first team tournament we had for these games… do you guys prefer just singles from now on or was the team tournament fun? anyhow, team tourneys will probably be only an occasional thing. good shit from all the players, thanks to outside players who came all the way down :slight_smile:


Good Job running the tourny. The team tourny was cool, i liked the team tourny format. The second string of R.U.N is on the Rise!!!


sub zero represented


that was a real fun tournament, it went down to the wire and geo and i were on the brink of elimination several times.

just goes to show how good everyone has gotten in SoCal.

great tourney everyone!


my hero wasn’t there!


i’ll ask amir
is that koo?


Hey suckaz,

Can someone let me know when the next of these tourneys is going down? I wanna bring my Remy. Paul, lemme know if you ever come down to UCLA anymore, I rarely stop by the arcade before 5 but I’d take a break from studying to rush down your ass.



caps and all, included with no grammar
this guy means business :wink: :wink: :wink:


Usually when someone writes all capitals, I picture the person screaming at the top of their lungs to their monitor while typing :lol:


lol oh JR you’re the best, always there for a laugh :smiley: :rolleyes:

now i’m pissed i didn’t go since the mighty paul lee and gee-o joined forces =) good shit guys.

so…when are you going to come to one jr?



yes…that is the way of akuma…i mean JR (wait till he starts refering to akuma in first person)


Man too bad I couldn’t enter, I couldn’t find a partner to team up with. Next time Im taking Milton with me. :smiley:


thanx for all the support and positive cmts guys, i really appreciate it :slight_smile:

and JR i know deep down you really are buddy buddy wit us:lol:



thats the same reason i dont go to shatto :stuck_out_tongue: