Once again, another great turnout, great tourney, great high level play.


  1. Team China

Kai (CH)
Sextaro God (YA)
pyrolee (YU)

  1. Team Happy Birthday Aye-Hooood

surewin (DU)
misterbean (YU)
5 Star (KE)

  1. Team Edma SUCKS

Reset (KE)
ericXchin (YU)
gootecks (UR)

  1. Team vicXvance

edma (NE)
mattXchin (KE)
victoly (DU)

  1. Team JBST

Lenin (KE)
Feint (IB)
Bebep (OR)

  1. Team DDT!

Dario (KE)
GhettoD Don Sneddon (AL)
Arlieth (MA)

Will edit with full results tomorrow. Tourney had numerous amounts of highlights… I don’t know where to begin. Once again everyone that came stepped up their game… of course there are those that didn’t lol. I have all the vids, and will try to have them up in a few days. I’m super noob at making vids so be patient.

Thanks for the help Arlieth. Ryan thought you were gonna mop him after you beat round 1 but you got pwned. Thanks for everyone that came, especially the out of towners from Santa Barbara. Hopefully we’ll see you all again in 2 weeks. Keep playing hard and improving everyone, all our matches are getting closer and better every 2 weeks.


GG’s Everyone.
fun night.
Down>Forward>Down>Down>Forward>Forward>Down>Low Forward Super
remember that Ryan.


i don’t know what was more intense, the tournament or the drive home :looney::looney::looney::looney::looney::looney:

yay I beat more people than Kai :smiley:

P.S. Kai, don’t ever do EX fireball again

:arazz: Too nervous.

Too bad someone didn’t camcord that.

sniff, last tourney…farewell.

necro is okay, but ken owns…permanently switch character. from now on i am stevelord. Say say say say say say!

Fucking xiang wu ning

Sowwy. :frowning:

That tourney had too many awesome moments. Too bad that Vinny EVO MOMENT STATUS comeback was not recorded. :frowning:

RFC Tony is my HERO. And the drive back was whack as fuck.

Tony’s Ibuki is insane, and Vinny is just a flat out monster now; Bean and Surewin have also become exceptionally better.

All in all, the tourney was great. And I got my revenge on Slimelord. Mwahaha.

Can’t wait for the vids. :slight_smile:

Once again another great tourney, gg’s averybody and see you mofuckas in 2 weeks.

Stevelord’s ken will own u.

you are a farmer/peasant/lower class

gg’s everyone, next time i’ll try not to get owned by ed ma.

x2 (times 2)

It’s too good. Can’t stop.

Your are a drone. a scum. Burrow yourself, then bury urself.

Watch…the next Dota Hero will be a peasant.

Skill #1 Throw rock! fucking stun ur ass for 10secs.
Skill #2 Militia armor = 3 x Q’s taunt
Skill #3 Bread - heal for for 100 sec.
Ultimate: Mass Shadow Replica…fucking rape you.

My ken, your yun. Money Match!:badboy:

Shanghai KEN

gg’s everybody

Bean: Kai (vs Yi) : “EPIC FAIL” :rofl:

ggs to everyone. and sorry for hassling 5star for a third teammate :frowning: