Family Fun Arcade: 3/1 MvC2 + CvS2 Team Tournament Full Results

Results from team tournament on March 1st, 2003 at Family Fun Arcade in socal.

MvC2 (10 Teams):
1st SooMighty, Alex Valle, Chris Shinn
2nd Rockefeller, Paul Lee, Amir (Team “Big Tits”)
3rd Julius J, Martin Garcia, Jaime O
4th Harry Potter, Rio, "Chunli’s pimp"
5th Liquid Metal, Clockwork, Edma
5th Max Tran, Jared R, Jamanis
7th Craig S, Danny S, Andre M
7th Lawrence P, Alex Flores, ID
9th Dash, Sin, David Lee
9th Pierre Malek, Agustin Rey, Alex Rey

CvS2 (8 Teams):
1st Alex Valle, Jason Cole, ZugZug (K: Sagat, Bison, Geese)
2nd Alex Flores, Lawrence Perales, Edma (A: Sakura, Cammy, Bison)
3rd Rick Marin, Kyle, Fortino M (K: Blanka, Hibiki, Bison)
4th Dash, Sin, Liquid Metal (C: Vega, Yamazaki, Blanka)
5th Manuel Garcia (K: Blanka)
5th Gee-O, JC Melgar, Muzikal (P: Sagat, Cammy, Yamazaki)
7th Shogo, greenjoker, Jose (N: Honda, Hibiki, Sakura)
7th Alex Rey, Agustin Rey, Andre M (?: Ken, Morrigan, Zangief)

I’d like to welcome Liquid Metal and Alex Valle for coming down to visit Family Fun. Thanks for stopping by guys, hope you enjoyed your stay :slight_smile: Don’t forget to check out next week’s tourney to get some last minute practice for SBO in Japan!

ps. is temporarily down…

quite a tourny. Wish I coulda went.

Chaotic Blue

Props to Manuel for putting it down on his own!:smiley: P-Groove came in 5th, but I’m going to try to make it work for me on Sat.


Good job with the bold fonts there Rock :smiley: Great tourney guys…Come to our 3S/ST/GGXX/CvS2 tourney next week !

Team Big Tits?? LOL, classy. I own bearcade 3s btw.



sup foo

you should have stuck around another day man

could have wen to SJSU with us and played 3s.

hit me up on aim or something if you coming again, but i never NEVER see you on aim anymore…

oh wells…

good to see you tho, on a random ass place.

i hear that nukka rio let jaime win that one match. nah lol. good shit jaime.

david lee got last?
i heard that potter called it b4 the match that he was gonna beat david lee
and he did:eek: :eek: :eek:
david owes me 5 bux
stupid bitch
julius recorded some matches
hopefully he puts them on his ftpizzle

:frowning: I wish i could’ve gone, i’ll make sure i go this next saturday.

FUck that place man, the screens all fucking huge and shit and you cant do anything, my sent is 3 ft long and there is too much shit. potter got lucky.\

Im gonna be entering the 3rd Strike tournament so I need someone to explain how the team elimination is gonna work. Lates. :stuck_out_tongue:

LOl, it’s true, MVC2 and CVS2 are on 60 inch screens 2feet from your face, LOLOLOL, forget any type if distancing!

why did u leave b4 the tourney started?
i was gonna be on ur team
team wilson’s house

Forget proving yourself in a real tourney!

WTF? o_0

Edit: Just read the rest of the thread. Good job potter.

:lol: :lol:

I guess I got kind of lucky but it sure was fun well, good matches everyone.

You guys have weekly’s now or u guys are just ganna have another one saturday?

lot of the recent tourneys were mainly because some of the peeps wanted prep for SBO… next week will be the last chance for that… been thinking about weeklys or biweeklys but can’t give an answer on that yet. after next sat i have finals and projects comin up, so there might be a short break. hope that helps

good job at the tourney everyone, great turnout and hella fun - Was cool seeing Liquid Metal from Japan there - Lookin forward to Saturday 3S tourn. - Peace