Family Fun Arcade: 3/1 MvC2 + CvS2 Team Tournament Full Results

Good turnout for the Tourney, too bad I felt like crap. David your an animal at X-men vs. StreetFighter, I would love to play you on the regular. David also and Amir too, next time there’s a team Tourney we should form a team, we’ll call it “Sentinal Killas” what do yall think. Hollar Back

If you’re gonna name your team “Sentinel Killas”, you might as well have me on your team. No one can kill Sentinel like I do, biatch.

Naw foo. What a meant was that we all have good Sentinels, so I guess what I meant to say is that are team should be called "Killla Sentinel

hehe first I need to get my sent close to david l’s lvl first
or sins for that matter… my sent is hella garbage all I do is wait shit out and land some fast fly combos lol =]
im gonna non stop play him tho till I get better
Mag/Sent/Cyclops all the way! :slight_smile:

that team sux
and u couldn’t even do those combos from ur vid wen i did

Congrats and shot-outs to my boys Dirty Cole…and ZuggZugg…ya’ll my peoples…lol…keep holdin it down…Cole keep top 5 So Cal on lock down baby…and kill em in Japan for tha docta would ya???