Family Fun Arcade 3/22 NO HOLDS BARRED 3on3 Results

  1. Team Pyrokentecks

gootecks - urien
sextaro - makoto
pyrolee - yun

  1. Team Best Looking 3s Players in America

aye-hood - ken
5 star - ken
victoly - dudley

  1. Team Go Back to Alex

renic - alex
vinny - ken
kai - chun

  1. Team Tijuana, Mexico

ray el guapo ramos - hugo
adolfo - hugo
jr rodriguez - akuma

  1. Team Scrubtastic

dae - yang
jeesup - dudley
tom c - necro

  1. Team 18 Yr Old Teen Nudes

surewin - dudley
bean - yun
reset - ken

  1. Team Asians w/ Souls

saizo - makoto
nate - necro
shiningsoul - elena

  1. Team Spicy Gentlemen

feint - ibuki
dander - ken <==== i own you noob money match me again
mike tea - urien

  1. Team Ghetto Z

ghetto d - alex
mike z - makoto
sanchez - alex

  1. Team Yi’s Mom is My Steamed Dumpling

ironfist - dudley
mattxchin - ken
ericxchin - yun

I got most of the vids… I might not do ALL of them just top 4 and some picks. I’m on spring break so my internt here is not that good, so I will probably wait til next week to do them.

Kai vs Gamegenyee $100 ft7 money match is next saturday.

I challenge Jerry to a shave my head match.


the 5on5 will be in 3 weeks on 4/12/08

there will only be allowed 3 top players on each team of 5, the same top players from the ray ramos rules tourney.

sick shit.

If anyone needs a person, lemme know for dat 5v5.

Good shit there’s gonna be like 7 tournaments going on that day.

10 matches, a dollar each match. Loser doesn’t get payed for any wins out of the 10.

You’re almost a college grad, you should know what I mean.


Blah here are some shots I took. Shoryuken won’t let me post the pictures directly…

So here is a link

(zooming in on the image will give you a full resolution version of each picture)

Sorry for the watermark (had my pictures jacked before and I’m a little paranoid =P. Also, I apologize for not getting everyone; Had to leave early a bit early.

spacemonkey anyway to caption those so i can put names to faces?

not bad! use flickr though so you can “tag” ppl in your pictures with ease.

good shit ryan

quick question who took the pix and on what camera? good quality

i believe spacemonkey was using a canon rebel xti (correct me if i’m wrong).

Yeah, I posted them on my flickr Account. I actually used a Canon 20d (Current model is the 40d and yeah, its a bit old but works well for what I need it to do for now =P).

siiick pictures. take pictures of meeeeeee!

PS: big thanks to reset and sherwin for carrying me. i’m the biggest scrub ever.

Less desire to OCV. More strategy. GG’s.

Just wanted to also say sorry again for not getting everyone’s shot during their match (I had to leave early). Hopefully next time I’m around during a tourney, I’ll get some more shots of the top tier guys.

top tier what?