Family Fun Arcade 3s + GGAC Singles - SoCal - Saturday, 8/18/07

FFA will be holding a pre-Evo tournament this weekend (I know, short notice) for 3rd Strike and GGXX Accent Core.

Family Fun Arcade
10363 Balboa Blvd.
Granada Hills, CA 91344

-Saturday, August 18th
-Signups start at 5:00 PM, Tourney starts at 6:00 PM.
-$5 Entry Fee, +$5 Late Fee if we already started and have to write you into the brackets
-70/20/10 Pot Split
-2/3 Double Elimination, 3/5 for Finals


fuck yeah.

practice up kiddos

Hellfromabove is telling us 7:00 pm for the GGAC tourney. Is that the real starting time? or is it 6:00pm as written in this thread?

Also, is the P button on GG fixed? I can’t remember which side… I think it’s 1P. It’s the left side of the GG H2H cab if you’re facing FFA from outside.