Family Fun Arcade 7/11 CvS2 3S Results

CvS2 Singles:

  1. Peter Rosas Combofiend
  2. Mike Watson
  3. Damien Howitt Omen1
  4. Lawrence Perales SoFresh
  5. RC
  6. Paul fucking Lee paulee
  7. Israel Bertattelet
  8. Steve Rodriguez WindyMan
  9. 5 star yay go me
  10. Don Sneddon Ghetto D
  11. JC Melgar Psychobetarushdown
  12. Ken I.
  13. Roland Ok Dr. Strangelove
  14. Peter

3rd Strike Singles:

  1. Mike Fauson pyrolee - yun
  2. Yi Wang 5 star - ken
  3. Frank Melendez Frankie3S - ryu
  4. Royce Del Rosario 720 - hugo
  5. Ed Ma Edma - ken
  6. Mike Watson - ken
  7. Don Sneddon Ghetto D - alex
  8. Paul Lee paulee - ken
  9. Andrew Smalls nate - ibuki
  10. Tony Parker - ken
  11. Ken I. - makoto
  12. Marvin Rustblade - urien
  13. Richard Andrade Shogo - makoto
  14. Eliot ClosetRemy - yang
  15. Christian MtSacKid - ken
  16. Anthony Chu Mutantxp - necro
  17. Mike Burke mikeMenace - hugo
  18. robert - akuma
  19. Josh Rameriez Shady - chun
  20. Allen Kim kimallen - yun

wow this tourney was sick. thanks to roland for recording every match on his labtop. thanks to everyone that showed up and made this a great tourney. i had a lot of fun.

it was fucking hot as fuck today. good games everyone and from the matches i saw today, were almost ready for evo.

these penny pinchers owe me entry fees: lawrence perales, frankie3s, and edma. edma also owes me dinner


tourney was dope, i had fun just recording.
thanks to those who helped. Marvin, Rich, Pyro, everyone else i forgot
ill try to encode these fast. 720 is a BEAST ^^
Hopefully this week we’ll figure out Direct Feed Capturing
aiite peace ^^

what the f. combofiend didn’t enter 3s?

Woot! FF apex is now active.