Family Fun Arcade 8/28 Results MvC2 CvS2 3S


  1. Tabasco
  2. Pozzle
  3. Pigadoken


  1. Combofiend
  2. Jason Cole
  3. Laugh


  1. Pyrolee
  2. Josh R.
  3. Arlieth

i’m missing brackets… i only have full results for cvs2.

good tourney thanks for coming. hope to see u all again in 2 weeks for teams and the end of next months for singles.

HA HA!! Vice/Dhalsim was beasting on all on saturday!!! muahahahah!!


good shit to Pozzle and Albert. You too Tobassco if you are who i think you are.

hahaha, i hate u. lol jp. damn, from now on, if i ever play a smart vice, i’m blockin LOW all the damn time. fukk parrying. good shit.

kaising: thanks.

oh yeah, u can’t mess around in 3s at ffa. everybody there knows the matchups too good…i’ll try to show up more often.

lol Josh R. stole the 3s bracket and said he was gonna frame it for his first 2nd place finish.

damnit i wish i knew these ppl at family fun i go there often and know no one ><

Your lucky you’ve even been there! :sad:
I’ve always wanted to go but I live like 8 hours away from there! :crybaby:

Love, La Bamba