Family Fun Arcade (CA): SF4/3s Ranbat 1.4 (Next Date: 4/10/10)

Family Fun Arcade will be hosting a new Ranking Battle season for Street Fighter 4 & 3rd Strike.

Ranking Battle Dates: (All on Saturday unless otherwise specified)
1.1: February 6th
1.2: February 13th
1.3: March 13th
1.4: March 20th
1.5: April 10th
1.6: April 17th

Tourney Rules:
[]Double Elimination, 2/3 ALL MATCHES, Winner must keep character during set
]Console: X-Box 360, all characters allowed, BYOC (Bring Your Own Controller)
[]Entry Fee: $5 per tournament, $2 console fee for SF4 (Pay-to-Play for 3s)
]$2 Late Fee if brackets have already been created (usually 1/2 an hour after registration ends)
[]Signups end at 1:30pm. If arriving late, CALL IN BEFORE 1:30PM to be placed in the bracket and avoid paying extra fees.
]Tournament is estimated to start by 2pm.
[]Refunds for Entry Fees will only be given BEFORE you play your first match.
]Goes without saying: Interference will not be tolerated. No inflammatory talk, physical interruption, etc. or you will be ejected with no refund. FFA Staff reserves the right to issue warnings or immediate ejections.
[]IF YOUR CONTROLLER FAILS: Immediately raise your hands away from your controller and back up. If no apparent problem is found, you will forfeit that game. Otherwise, the game will be restarted at Round 1. If you do not raise your hands once you have personally confirmed a controller failure, you will not be able to dispute the result.
]Rank and Regional Seeding in effect (Please request at sign-up to prevent playing your best friend 1st round)
[]Randomized Placement using
]Points are awarded as follows: 10pts (1st), 7pts(2nd), 5pts(3rd), 3pt(4th). 1pt for 5th placers.
[]Tournaments over 64 players will have additional rules announced and more stringent disqualification. You may be asked to provide a contact number- this information will be strictly confidential.
]Tournaments over 96 players may be subject to Single Match for the initial round and for Loser’s Bracket up to Top 8.

SF4 Rules:
[]ALL characters are allowed and will be unlocked.
]Double-Blind Pick is available as an option before you start your first game.
[*]Volcano stage is not banned, but I will sock you.

3rd Strike Rules:
[]Judgment will be in effect and is binding.
]Double-Blind Pick is available as an option before you start your first game.
[]Winner may change super between games of a set.
]Makoto/Ken Crash Glitch is banned.

Family Fun Arcade
10363 Balboa Blvd
Granada Hills, CA 91344

Phone: (818) 360-0419 <-- call in if you are going to be late!

-More information (i.e.: Prizes) to be posted soon. For sponsorship details, contact Thomas Shin at (805)304-0191.
-The following tournaments have been accounted for to avoid conflicts in scheduling: SunRoute Cup (Denjin, 2/20), Project Blocks (Valle, 2/27), LA Riots (Gootecks, 3/6), West Coast Warzone (John Rog, 4/3).
-Now adding CvS2 as a side-tournament! 2/3, Double Elimination, No Order Change, No Duplicate Character glitch. This is a free-standing tournament series with no final prize provided by FFA.

Ranbat Season 1 Scoreboard

Street Fighter IV:
1: Justin Wong 30
2: Hugo101 18
3: OnlineTony213 12
4: Commander Jesse Shepard 10
4: Vicious 10
6: James Chen 7
7: Kilomax 6
8: KillerKai 3
8: Thomas 3
8: Arlieth 3
11: Demon Hyo 2
12: Amir 1
12: Xombie 1
12: MarLightning: 1
12: Evil Elvis 1

3rd Strike:
1 Justin Wong 30
2 Arlieth 27
3 JoeDubbs 20
4 Amir 12
5 Vinny Marano 5
6 Koji 3
6 Kro 3
6 Kilomax 3
9 Umanami 1
9 Dae 1
9 Paper Bowser 1
9 Rob 1

I hope to see everyone there and step it up. GOGOGO

Altered point scale after looking back at previous RanBats for reference.


Good stuff. Any idea around what time these will be on those Saturdays or is that TBD?

Looks like the 5th ranbat may need a date change.

Arlieth please contact me if you need help running these ranbats.
Kilomax and I have been trying to get these ranbats up and running but had no support. So the next time u see me at FFA let me know what’s good. Thanks.

LuLu SmackS: I’ll move #5 for WC Warzone, thanks for the heads up.

Vicious: We might need some help on-site to run brackets and/or prepare players for their next matches so everything runs on time.

Tournaments will end signups by 1pm. If you get here any later, you run the risk of being late!

We have some upcoming announcements to make in collaboration with other projects, stay tuned!


No problem, I’ll check them myself tomorrow. :slight_smile:

Sounds cool i’m down to level up.

Now adding CvS2 to the lineup. It won’t show up on the calendar entries (too much work) but I will change the main rules page and allow Kilomax to run them concurrently since I’m not expecting a very big turnout for these (8-12 people on average). CvS2 won’t have a Ranbat prize per se, but will just be a series of standalone tournaments.

If you Marvel guys want to put something together, it’ll have to be on a separate series of dates than what we currently run for 3s/SF4. Be sure to run it by me first so I can clear it with Ralph at FFA.

Hey JR, 3rd Strikes are all fixed now. There might be a button or stick issue that’ll pop up later on but just let me know and I’ll fix it.

Ahhhh back to american sticks? Don’t think I can do it…

Let us play on Japanese sticks and I’m there.


Already fixed the Japanese cab yesterday. The only issue I’m seeing right now is a US vs JP situation, in which case we’d have to run it on a console already wired for US controls, and a Japanese console stick would be provided.

How about a Japanese connected to a US cabinet that you guys tried years ago??

We can try that, but it’ll be low on our priority list until Ranking Battle season starts. No guarantees but I’ll look into it.