Family Fun Arcade Cvs2 Mvc2 3s Hungriest Results


  1. SooMighty
  2. MAG
  3. Amir
  4. Dan DC Static
  5. Kaisingrz
  6. Andre

CvS2 Invitational for SoCal Team:

  1. Amir
  2. Pigadoken
  3. Ed Ma

congratulations to Amir

3S Special Invitational Tourney:
Family Fun recently held a 3S tourney for the top players in So. Cal. This tourney was invite only. This tourney was just sick. Here are the results…

5 Wins (1st Place)

-Sean “Krayziee” Kim - Chun

4 Wins (2nd Place)

-Yi Wang 5 star - Ken

3 Wins (3rd Place)

-Vic Vance Victoly - Dudley

2 Wins

Paul Lee paulee - Ken
Andrew Smalls nate - Ibuki
JR Rodriguez - Akuma

1 Win

Ed Ma Edma - Ken
Alex Valle - Ryu
John D Rockefeller - Urien
Marvin Rustblaze - Urien
Anthony Chu MutantXP - Necro
Ken I. - Makoto

0 Win

Mike Fauson pyrolee - Yun
Royce Del Rosario - 720
Amir - Dudley
Jason Cole - Urien
Roman Berrones Jared3s - Elena
Geoff Lukeballs - Akuma
Don Sneddon Ghetto D - Alex
Richard Andrade Shogo - Makoto
Thomas Shin Arlieth - Makoto
Hung Han HungBee - Oro

-Congrats to Sean Kim for taking it all! For winning it all without losing a round!!

tournament format was 3 brackets of 8, top player from every bracket make it to round robin finals. tourney was single elim 1 game. crazy results crazy upsets. tourney will be on DVD. Reserve ur copy now!!!

3S Team Tourney 3on3:

  1. Team Revenge
    pyrolee - yun
    victoly - dudley
    nate - ibuki

  2. Team Camelot
    paulee - ken
    hungbee - oro
    ghetto d - alex

  3. Team Flips
    marvin - urien
    mutant - necro
    720 - hugo

  4. Team RUN
    devil x - ryu
    amir - dudley
    combofiend - ken

  5. Team Fucking Vic is a traitor
    krayziee - chun
    edma - ken
    5 star - ken

  6. Team Scrubs
    damien - ryu
    big joe - chun
    shady - chun

  7. Team Old School
    cole - urien
    valle - ryu
    ken i - makoto

  8. Team Last Minute
    def - chun
    chaotic blue - yang
    shogo - makoto

crazy shit tourney. shit will be on dvd. reserve your copy now, thanks to every head that showed up

sounded really fun! GJ amir :wink:

could you write down the brackets? I’d like to know who beat who!

Who did take out pyrolee (0 wins… !!)?

are all the matches on video or just the final roundrobin tournament?

if its all the matches than I’ll reserve a copy of it.

:wtf: whos sean kim. Good job 5 Star. GJ Soo and Amir.

Sean Kim is the greatest player alive. He’s also the greatest person alive. I nominate him for the next North Korean presidential candidate.

Sean Kim is cheap. Ask him yourself, he wont deny it :lol: .

Paul lee beat me, but I felt like the joystick was having problems.

Even after I came back and we won the team tourney vs Paul’s team I still thought that side was pretty bad :lame:

Oh well congrats to Sean Kim #1 Korean!

i think onlyl 2 players won on the side that Pyro is talking about. i didn’t notice any stick provlems, but just an observation. still Sean beasted with Chun!