Family fun arcade (ffa): happily handing out ass whoopins for 37 years!

            That’s right, as the thread title states, FFA has been here for 37 years. As many of you who live in or have visited Los Angeles know, SoCal has always enjoyed a robust fighting game scene. Capcom has created, and we have consistently supported, the greatest one-on-one skill competition platform ever. We here in Southern California are very fortunate to be in the last stronghold of this incredible phenomenon.

        As the owner of Family Fun Arcade for 37 years, I am proud to say that FFA, and our players, have been a centerpiece of this ongoing scene. The level of competition here is nearly unmatched outside of Japan.  We have always been out there to give the community what it wants. Before Pong was out, we were a huge pinball hall. We’ve always strived to be cutting edge. We were the first location in LA to have a 6-button Street Fighter 1 cabinet. When Street Fighter II: The World Warrior came out we were one of the first to get it. Once it did so incredibly well we expanded the line-up to include 12 Championship Editions and 8 World Warriors, lining our walls with crowds and non-stop play.  We were the first arcade in the area to build Head-to-Head cabinets linked together, which remain extremely popular with players to this day. Thanks to the likes of John Bailon (Southern Hills Golfland) and Jason Wilson (Tips & Tricks magazine), the early tournament scene in SoCal exploded, and FFA became a major hub for Third Strike competition (at one time we even operated 13 3rd Strikes, housed in 23 cabinets!). If you were there, you remember the hype and awe that the scene provided every week. Fighting games are still our primary focus, but the fighting game scene isn’t even close to how large it was back in the 90s. Even though 2008-2011 is the biggest boom in fighting games since 91-95, arcades aren’t seeing nearly the same amount of patrons as they used to.

My name is Ralph. I have been in the arcade business for 37 years and have owned numerous arcades, such as Noah’s Arkade (LA Mirada Mall 1974-1987) Skatercross (Valley’s first dedicated skate park and arcade, Reseda CA), Power Zone (Simi Valley), Cyberzone (Simi Valley), and Interface (Simi Valley), as well as the current locations of Japan Arcade (in Little Tokyo), and Family Fun Arcade (Granada Hills CA).

I have seen many changes and, with the recent worldwide demise of the arcade industry, know that many regions are completely without local arcades for gamers to refine their skills and meet fellow players. We have all witnessed the loss of such great locations as Chinatown Fair (NYC), Tokyo Game Action (CT), Southern Hills Golfland (SoCal), Arcade Infinity (SoCal), and many others. Having been an integral part of the video game generation, we at FFA intend to continue to provide the resources for this scene to thrive and keep going forward. FFA will remain a positive force, but those who appreciate this must step up to keep this legacy strong. Remember that this has been a spawning ground for such great players as Tomo Ohiro, Mike Watson, Alex Valle, Pyrolee, Gootecks, Ed Ma, Amir, Victoly, Frankie3s, Jason Cole, Fanatiq, Finesse, Soo Mighty, Neo, and many others.

We have, and will continue, to provide what the players want, to the best of our abilities (Sorry Tekken players, we’re working on it!). Due to the incredibly high cost of new titles and competition from consoles/internet/etc. our business model has changed drastically. Street Fighter IV brought new enthusiasm to the scene back in 2008, and we rose to the challenge by creating our unique hybrid cabinets (with both American and Japanese controls, allowing the players to choose). To my knowledge, we were the only arcade in North America to operate 6 linked Street Fighter IV Vanilla cabinets. We have recently stepped up with Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition, and now we operate 8 linked cabinets.

It is a challenge under any circumstances to provide continuous maintenance on many arcade machines, but with current economic conditions and the weakness in the arcade parts industry it presents a daunting task, so please be patient. (i.e. Happ recently moved their manufacturing to China, as a result the cost went up and the quality went down. They currently ship joysticks with E-switches, which are garbage. All new joysticks we purchase have to have at least three different parts replaced before they are playable. For those who prefer American controls, this is unfortunate.) We will be stepping up our progress in providing quality performance on our cabinets’ but everyone must participate: Treat the equipment with respect, report any malfunctions (not including your inability to pull off that combo!), and please be patient! (it’s a mechanical device, even NASA can’t get their shuttle off the ground on time, and we don’t have their budget.)

The purpose of this thread is to give a voice to those who believe that SoCal can still provide the ass whoopins that we’ve delivered throughout the history of the game. We will be announcing our plans for upcoming events/tournaments/developments; watch our threads!
So heads up all you combo fiends and parry fairies! Time to PTFU or STFU! Get your game on and get ready for EVO. Are You ready for some ass whoopin’?!

P.S.: There are many people who have contributed through the years to the success of FFA and the community, and I’d like to take this opportunity to thank them all for their contributions.
P.P.S.: I am not the guy behind the counter at nights!

West Los Angeles



Family Fun Arcade
10363 Balboa Blvd.
Granada Hills, CA 91344
(818) 360-0419

Current list of fighting games:
Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition x4 (linked up)
Marvel vs. Capcom 3 (consoles modified into arcade cabs) x2
Mortal Kombat 9 (consoles modified into arcade cabs) x2
King of Fighters XIII ver 1.1
Marvel vs. Capcom 2 x3
Street Fighter III: Third Strike x6
Capcom vs. SNK 2 x2
King of Fighters 2002
Guilty Gear XX Λ Core
Melty Blood Actress Again Current Code
Super Street Fighter II: Turbo
Coming Soon:
BlazBlue: Continuum Shift II

Upcoming Tournaments and Events:
Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Bi-Weeklies (Sun, Sep 4th)
Old School Fridays (3S & CvS2) (Fri, Sep 9th)
Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition Bi-Weeklies (Sat, Sep 10th)
Mortal Kombat 9 Bi-Weeklies (Sat, Sep 10th)
Airdashers (MB-AH, BB-GG) (Sun, Sep 18th)

All information is also be available on our website:
I will post SRK threads for these tournaments soon!


There will be a special event THIS FRIDAY (5/27)!
We will be hosting a flash MvC2 tournament @ 8pm(ish). All entrants will get free pizza (because Ralph’s cool like that)!


You’re welcome. :slight_smile:


will be there more often once i move to the lower part of the 805.


I love FFA! so many good times, and I look forward to even more in the future! I really should show up more often.

Shout outs to Evil Tim and his Jack In The Box Pinball tips.


I’m kind of a regular at the place myself. I show up for the MvC3 bi-weeklies. You guys gonna start bi-weeklies for MK9 soon?


Yes. The first MK9 tournament will be on Sunday June 5th and will be every other Sunday afterwards.

Don’t forget there is also a MvC2 tournament TODAY!(5/27). Free pizza and a free Marvel comic to every entrant. Starts @ 8pm.

EDIT: I’m working on the joysticks and buttons today on the big screen Marvels. The right Marvel’s joysticks are a little bit weird due to some of the Chinese parts inside, so I’m going to replace them and see if these other ones are any better. The left cabinet is going to be just as good as usual, but hopefully I can bring the right one up to snuff for tonight, too. I’ll post up when I’m done.


Anyone coming out for some old school marvel?


Just finished checking and fixing the big screen MvC2s. The right joysticks are much better, and the left joysticks have perfect diagonals now. If players still don’t like the right sticks, then we don’t have to run the tournament on them.

Though there’s not a problem with them, I’m going to replace both punches on all the cabinets just before the tournament starts. Brand new factory switches haven’t had time to wear down, so they have exactly the same sensitivity and consistency, making it much easier to use them to dash.

REMINDER: We’ve got more tournaments coming up THIS SUNDAY as well.
BlazBlue: Continuum Shift II (On PS3)
Guilty Gear XX Accent Core (On Arcade)
Marvel vs. Capcom 3 (On 360)
All games start @ 5PM.
Check the website out for more details.


Not gonna lie, that’s pretty cool.


Tournament results are up on the website:

I’ll post on the forums soon; going to bed for now!

Videos will be up soon.

Congrats to Laurence for taking MvC3, Bond for taking BB, and ShinATProof for taking GG!


I’ll be coming down here for MK9.

Big time props to FFA for catering to the MK players. :china:


Updated the Third post with tournament dates and links.

The next tournaments will be:
Arcade Edition on Sat June, 4th
Mortal Kombat 9 on Sun, June 5th

EDIT: I’ll post the tournament on soon. Haven’t really had time yet.


So, my main fighters are Guilty Gear, Melty Blood, and a bunch of other fighters in a sub-genre I call Airdashers (Some call them “New School”). A lot of us airdasher players wanted a day to meet up at the arcade and just play casuals. It can be annoying to drive 45 minutes or an hour to FFA, and then nobody’s there to play you in Guilty Gear. So we decided to all get together on a Thursday night, just so we can organize some matches. It’s worked out pretty well so far, and I’ve heard some other players expressing that they’d like to do the same for their fighter.

So, I was figuring I’d help organize casual weekdays for other fighters as well. Sometimes players can only make it out to the arcade once during the weekdays, and they want to make it count.

So, let’s start with SF4: Arcade Edition. I think that Tuesday night seems like the best time of the week to meet up for Street Fighter IV casuals. Let me know what you SF4 guys think.

As for King of Fighters/SNK I figure Wednesday night would be the best day, because KoF isn’t represented in Wednesday Night Fights.

Like what we’ve been doing with the Airdasher Thursdays, they still won’t be as crowded as a Friday night. Fridays are always the best nights to come for any game, by far. So if you’re looking for some competition, let’s try these days out. Feel free to post about this idea, and I’ll see you guys around at FFA!


Im down for Tuesdays…just not tonight though :sweat:


There’s going to be some tournament rescheduling:

KoFXIII will be canceled, and rescheduled to two weeks after on June 25th. I was planning a KoFXIII tournament during Revalations because they weren’t going to host anything for the game. However, Alex’s Arcade will be bringing their Arcade machine over to hold a tournament.

Aridashers: AH & MB will be rescheduled for one week later on June 19th. AH is being represented at Revelations, and the new version of MB is just coming out (an extra week would be nice to practice anyways).


Couldn’t have said it better myself. I know that FFA is where I first started to get into the fighting game scene competitively. That was 11 years ago. Times have certainly changed but FFA keeps at it. There was some backlash that was given to them numerous times that I now see that they never deserved. I myself got caught up in it and discriminated when I probably shouldn’t have but this arcade was it, still is it, and will be it for many years to come. Stand tall Ralph and FFA.

-Tha Hindu


That’s great, I was going to contact you regarding that. Also most of the KOF community in SoCal (and US) is in contract on If ever want to host a tourney you should advertise it there. We should be in contact when you do KOF tourneys since I host the SoCal Monthlies so we don’t end up scheduling on the same date.

P.S. Would it be possible to refer or post something on your KOF cab about the KOF tourney at revelations? If possible thanks.