Family fun arcade (ffa): happily handing out ass whoopins for 37 years!

Friday nights usually^
not so many people are going because its 50 cents and not on version 2012…
PM me or post here when you want to meet.
I’m sure there will be good people there tonight to play, Ill show up if you want to get some games in.

hah whatsup Kwheelie, this is John btw… the only sagat player left lol
yea i know family has some strong players, like ur self, joe dubbs, kane, Sgt Jesse, Vicious,and others etc…
just yea I have had a lil bad luck when showing up to FFA in the past

I am willing to roll down to FFA tonight but debating a bit, since battlegrounds is gonna be at Super, with 2 consoles for AE2012 and there gonna be streaming… but no tourney just casuals… $5 from 8 - 2:00am (usually later) and u get a free drink…

so yea not sure where to go tonight…would be kind of cool if some of u guys roll down to super tonight since there will be 2012 and stream, but if u guys cant and theres gonna be a bunch of killers at FFA then im still willing to show up to FFA

Kwheelie I hate your bison!

Yo to all you mvc2 heads iron illan will be throwing a flashback tourny this Friday ffa

so how busy is this place on sundays, and how hardcore are the crowd? i’m going to be in town saturday for a concert and feel like going to a real arcade (the one in my town has about 10 fighting game cabs and the newest one is mvc2). i love fighting games but i’m not very good at them so i’m just trying to feel for what to expect.

Hey guys! We are going to be hosting KOF13 and MK9 tournaments at FFA! Hope you guys can make it!

sounds fun…maybe if someone can lock Tim in the basketball cage I will come through

when are you starting 2012 and umvc3 tournys?

whats up with the 3s japanese cab? Everytime I show up lately its turned off and its the only reason for me to go.

I went the other day and all the jap cabs were on but no third strike. Maybe there was an event?

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Please bring back the 3s japanese cab and super turboooooooooo :slight_smile:

Its there/works

so when are these VS tournaments? I don’t want to keep showing up to play 3s only to find an empty VS cab!! Every weekend?

Hey Ralph and other FFAers. Saw this thread while looking up things on FFA. I worked at Powerzone in Simi Valley the last year it was open (Vinny, if anyone is still around from almost a decade ago). Good times, but I don’t remember much of a fighting game crowd back then. More people were into the rhythm games at the time. Recently been getting back into the video game scene, especially arcades. Glad to see a close place is still open.

nathan what time does kof start on saturdays?

when is the next ssf4 ae tournament

anyone gonna be at ffa today looking to get some matches

^Ya we going thru tonight…get some sick matches in

hope i can make it