Family Fun Arcade FTW Thread

Oh Ralph we saw you in your car right before and during the firemen were here
You are just jealous that California Regionals was placed at Denjin Arcade
are you that bitter that you would call the fire marshals?
Is buisness not going as planned?
Are you that bitter that you try to take out competition?

To all the other arcades in southern California or even the world… (who knows how far Ralph will go to ruin the arcade scene)
Careful if you do business with this snake

You fucking lil rat. if that is how you want to play son we can treat you like shit
we cant attack ffa because its already shit
Oh wait you got “happy hour” OMG what am i doing its happy hour soon

Ralph you are trash
Ralph you are fail
Ralph you are bad
tsk tsk tsk

So much hate…

So much justified hate…

Although, I am not going to comment on anything you have posted I just wanted to state one thing. Getting arcades closed at this time is a big blow to not only the owners but to the community. I don’t care which arcade it is, it could be Denjin, AI, Vid 94, or even FFA. Arcades are suffering as it is and many people know that. Many of us still go just to have a great time, hang out with friends, and just play to our hearts content to support these businesses. If anything arcades should be helping one another out with business and tourneys. I bet that would help not only the scene but business and customers as well. Hate is funny and all when we’re playing matches because at the end we all know it’s just for fun and we’re all still friends in the end. Please guys, don’t get so carried away with this.

Let’s say one of the arcades in SoCal did fail and had to close (God forbid), how would this affect the scene? There would be those players that would have no where to go thus falling out of the scene, there would be those that played on console at home but that only helps your game so much, and the interaction you got being with your groups of friends would be gone for the most part.

This is a plea from me to all the owners out there, PLEASE stop the rivalry and just listen to the small things we have to say. We need you just as much as you need us. As not only a member of the scene but also a customer, please just stop the hate.

-Tha Hindu

I’m not even sure ralph reads the message boards.

and things are changing… I mean, EGM is gone, Circuit City is gone… etc etc

and whatever happened to nate?

what a joke!
too funny Ralph

You talking about me?

btw, Ralph didn’t call the fire marshal. That’s complete bullshit. You’re probably just a guy with a bone to pick because Ralph banned you from the arcade for something stupid that you did. Go slander somebody else, not one of the guys who’s been keeping the arcade scene alive for 35 years.

sorry but we have evidence that ralph was here.
hes just jealous that denjin is prospering and that FFA is going to die.
sorry for your loss.

Oh nathan nathan nathan… you poor homosexual

More then 10 people saw Ralph in his car in the parking lot. We might have even saw you.
See Ralph tricked you. While you were giving roadhead to him in the car he drove to Denjin and called the fire marshal. you dont know this because your face was on his dick. So open up your eyes and shut the fuck up

You say kept the scene alive? No its the players that keep the scene alive.
Why isnt there a scene at FFA anymore? Even though you say its “popping” i got many sources stating that its not. WHY?
1.) Sticks dont work.
2.) You are manager
a.) You state sticks are fixed, but they arent
b.) You lie and you reek of lies
c.) No one likes you
3.) Happy Hour

Ralph keeping the scene alive? bullshit. How is ruining a huge tournament keeping the scene alive. Does he think that when Denjin is shut down by the fire dept that the people will go to his place? A place where the sticks dont work? SF4 is 5 Dollars to play on “woopiedoo” HDTV screens? People rather go to AI or the video place that rents videos. Think about it Nathan before you post again. because honestly your posts are elementary to my shit
Oh i think your phone is ringing. Booty call from Ralphy



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yawn give proof, not insults :tdown:. Did any of these 10 people take a picture? I bet it would have been a pretty important event and not one person thought to take out their cell phone to snap a picture of him. I don’t know who it was who called the fire marshal, but if it was Ralph why would he have been in his car outside of Denjin (he doesn’t even own a car)? Does he have to make a call from 200ft away (good luck recognizing anybody’s face from a greater distance)? I stick by my original statement, you simply have a bone to pick with Ralph and are trying to slander him.

Seriously guys, you should need two things in order for you to think that this is true:

  1. A picture of Ralph in the parking lot, as I’ve heard 10-20-30 people saw.
  2. A logical flow of things (needing to make a phone call from the parking lot in order for the fire marshal to come, why he would think of sticking around when people would recognize him, a motive for why he would drive 40 minutes away in somebody’s car, among other logical inconsistencies).

Think critically, don’t take things straight from this homophobe without looking at the evidence.

Holy fuck. What the hell?

FFA’s SF4 is 50c, not $5.

"Think critically, don’t take things straight from this homophobe without looking at the evidence. "

He got close to see how many people were inside. There would be no point in calling the fire marshalls if there was only 30 people there. How did you not figure that out?

lol at someone actually taking time to take a photo of ralph in his car. it doesn’t matter if you think this is true or not because everyone in the community knows that ralph called.

Obviously he was worried about the safety of the players…? HAH, that’s unlikely. :looney:

air-dashers lol

oh yeah, the firefighters actually just ended up chlling and watching sf4 for a couple mins with grins on their faces. one actually went up to me and asked me if i was winning or not. hey, maybe they might go to denjin to try it out sometime! thanks for attracting possible new customers to this arcade

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yeah i was talking about you.

cuz you posted like everyday, bumping every thread and a half, up until before christmas,

then you just stopped , til today.

so maybe we thought you got fired or something.

regardless whether or not ralph called or didnt call thats not the issue here. i have known ralph for over 15 years and hes is one of the nicest people i have ever met around the gaming industry. many of you know very very little about him and have no right to talk any smack about him at all. i dont know all the specifics about what happened between him and shogo and im not gonna go into it. what i do know is he was always doing what was best for the players prior to the economy turning to shit. raplh is a really great guy imo and for those who dont know him personally, you seriously need to stfu.

I just got tired of all the drama on the forums. Glad to see I came back to look at this.

Again, to all the posts after mine.

It takes less than a minute to take out your cell phone and snap a picture, I know if I was in your guy’s shoes I would have definitely done that. I take on-the-fly pictures all the time with my cell phone.

Ralph doesn’t own a car. If you saw Ralph in a car, then that’s evidence that it wasn’t Ralph. There’s plenty of people who have the same upper body and hair color. Most of you have barely even seen Ralph, or if you have it was probably too long ago to remember his face.

Look at the evidence before believing baseless rumors.