Family Fun Arcade FTW Thread

i don’t have anything against ralph, or any evidence against him.

whether the story about ralph and the fire dept. is true or not, ffa hasn’t left a good impression as of late, especially when you have co-workers defending an arcade which is now considered trash to many top players.

just because if this ‘trash’ vibe, i don’t feel welcome there myself… i think its mostly because of players who cared to voice their opinions (negative ones) of ffa and got banned or whatever… they don’t want to go back. i dont need to elaborate on all the stories ive heard about ralph.

i can honestly say at this point that i don’t miss tim at all, and whoever id_asz is… who is what… toms replacement? and i don’t miss all the thugs and shady scrubs. im in a better place now…

oh and 50c sf4 is a ripoff when its 25c everywhere else… that sounds like common sense to me

I’m kinda in the same boat here. Ralphs normally a really nice guy, it seems really out of character for something like this to happen. I’m not saying people did not see what they thought they saw, or that someone is capable of being out of character…but it just seems really odd. Although I haven’t kept up with any related drama associated with Shogo leaving and opening up Denjin(or if there is any?), just making an observation from personal experience.

LOfuckingL @ Cr3atorZero.

Oh yeah. there’s drama.

you’re all little shits for making these bullshit accusations. 35 years of service to the community

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Sounds like you need more Jesus in your life.

Yeah, you guys, this is really mean. He has a severe disability that doesn’t allow him to ride in cars…even other people’s.

Where’s the FFA bathroom users thread?

No one has given their stand point on how they heard about it or saw it. This is my side; I just came back from eating a meal and saw this big crowd of people just all talking. I started to pass by it when someone (will remain nameless) told me that Ralph had just called the Fire Marshal on Denjin due to “blocked emergency exits”. I was in total shock when I first heard this. I didn’t think anyone would even consider such a thing. Sure enough though, everyone in the crowd had almost the exact same story. Now, of course I’m going to believe around 20+ witnesses stating what they saw whether they have a picture or not. Hell, it takes less to win over a jury. Anyway, this is my side.

I don’t really know what to post after this…

What is this is a false accusation made by someone just to build hype over then hatred they have for FFA? What has FFA done to earn such a bad rep and what could they do to fix it now? There was the fact that the sticks were “always broken” and whenever they were stated to be fixed they would still be broken. There’s the fact that the back side of the arcade is now full of consoles that you can pay to play. This takes away from the arcade experience and has made the place kind of look second rate. The fact that SF4 and BB are still over $0.25 is still a drag as well when you could go anywhere else to play SF4 for $0.25 or Denjin to play BB for $0.25. There are also the numerous stories of people going to FFA and getting confronted about what they posted online be either being yelled at or cursed out. Doing this only causes you to make enemies and never friends.

You have to realize though that in the past FFA has been pretty loyal to it’s customers and you have to admit that you have at least one memory from there that you remember from time and time again. The owner is just trying to support a family and maybe he’s just trying to build business and profit with another crowd with his business decisions to revamp the arcade to what he sees best. All I can say is, yes, I do still go to FFA because I have around 6 friends that go from time to time and Denjin is just too long of a drive for me sometimes. Why do I play the games? To support the scene and the arcade that I had for the previous 8 years before Denjin hoping that soon they will get back on track with everything.

As you can see, I am not taking any side here. I have stated flaws where I see wrong but that is all. Like I said before, the last thing we need in this day and age is to see another arcade fail because, seriously, that’s going to benefit anyone.

P.S.: To the person who left me a message last night, I did receive it but I never listened to it.

-Tha Hindu

i miss pyrolee
i miss guys with tails
i miss the bum lady that talked about her owning FFA
I miss John D’s commentary
I miss ranbats
I miss the dennys
I miss Church Everyday (fucking gooks)
I miss the family/friend atmosphere

Too bad you took it all away. All there is left is a puke stain in the parking lot

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So wait, do he ride a bicycle around everywhere? Segway maybe?:confused:


Ever since Denjin opened I have made sure to never go to FFA again. I never liked FFA at all except for Tom, Shogo and all the players that went there. I (like everyone else) was just forced to go there because that was the only place close to me that had good comp. But I am so glad I no longer have to deal with junkyard cabinets and that bitter old man that always dreaded giving me any kind of service whatsoever.

Not sure if FFA had anything to do with what happened, and I won’t assume anything because I wasn’t even there. Either way… Long live Denjin arcade!

ive been to FFA alot during the years
and i have a ?
there are two elder white men that work there
who is the tall one that can be a dick
and who is the shorter one with the wife - kid - dog

He rides the bus…


i have to admit…

i do love the resident FFA dog… :lovin:

LOLOL omg. godlike

quoted for being REAL. i cant comment on the acccusations that have come up as i wasnt there. what i can comment on is ralph himself and he’s one of the nicest people i’ve ever met, and an arcade owner at that. havent known him long ( only since sf4 came out) but pretty much everytime i went there we spoke, sometimes at length on such things as the economy, his industry, the community etc. people have to realize that this current economic climate is SHITTY, and that lots of arcade owners (not just ralph) plunked down LOTS o’ cash to get us sf4. that puts ALL the owners in shitty positions as far as available cash flow and paying the bills till these high as hell cost games make them a profit (all the while struggling with the same weak economy that everyone is) if denjin goes out of business the community suffers, if FFA goes out of business the community suffers.

it’s lose lose, no matter how you slice it. ralph and shogo need to put aside there differences and come to a mutual respect for one another, leave the drama to the players>>> profit. picking sides in this may make for some nice inter arcade rivalry but in the end this aint the wwe and since this IS REAL SHIT can only end badly.

lets recruit more new players into the fold via xbox live/psn and get them into the arcade scene so that both these arcades can prosper 'cause we all know it aint about online it’s about the friends/rivalries that we make at the arcades while doing something we love that makes all the diffrence.

on a different note regionals was dope long live denjin AND FFA.

i plan on going back to FFA when console for sf4 comes out so i can get some non laggy competition with and against the console exclusives.

and oh yeah, nathans ALWAYS FIXED THE STICKS the instant i told him there was a problem… helps if your not like " hey these sticks are shitty as fuck wtf is going on here i want my money back YOU GUYS SUCK!" when you tell him.


This has happened to me the last few times i went to FFA.
i don’t even remember how long ago that was :rofl:

How ya doin’ you little shit. :smile: