Family Fun Arcade (Granada Hills, CA) Official SF4 Thread -

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explain to me about this weekend good sir.
i believe you said that there was going to be another RanBat on the 6th (you stated this in your results thread) but it says on THIS thread that your having DanBats instead. please clarify asap thanks :slight_smile:

You tell him man.

Oops. Ranbat Saturday, Danisen Sunday.

Looks like we’ll be holding an arcade fair here at FFA on Saturday. Catered food and hopefully a joystick modder will be here as well, and you can pick up a CRT television for lag-free gaming for cheap.

soooo who wants to start getting serious training in again? we need some new players to step up and help bring about more of a variety to the VALLEY’s current scene. In other words we’re in need of more C. Vipers, Abels, Seths, Hondas [sry fuller but we miss you lol], Balrogs, GUILES ESPECIALLY!, and many others. if anyone is curious about these sessions just PM me or post up here.

I want to.

Universe man, Universe man
Size of the entire universe man
Usually kind to smaller man
Universe man

I’m in

im down for some sessions.

Blah blahBHalHBHAHb

i used to main honda, does that count?


Box Arena’s 2v2 Ranbat- San Diego, CA - June 26 @ 7pm Sign-up! End of Season Prize Pot currently @ $630

So whoever is trying to get some last minute sessions in please PM me if you want to schedule something @ FFA.
I’ll will most likely be doing FT10s with anyone from the area requesting so.
I will most likely be using Rufus 100% of the time, but i just might switch to Fei Long to see if it’s tournament ready.
Please let me know ASAP. If you know me personally i prefer that you text me instead.

if i do NOT respond on time via SRK, shoot me an email ""
thank you and let’s get ready for EVO2k10

Congrats to our three winners! Sorry for not being there this past weekend, I was in NorCal for my cousin’s wedding. I’ll brief the three of you on Team FFA stuff soon.

All people who have points on the scoreboard for FFA SSF4 can play free today and tomorrow on the back room bigscreen in preparation for EVO.

Online Tony
Cmdr. Jesse

btw if you wanna contact me leave a visitor’s msg not a PM

China man, China man
China man hates particle man
They have a fight, China man wins
China man

Sheez, I’m soooo rusty…anybody gonna be at FFA?

if not I guess it’s back to playing vanilla SF4 =/