Family Fun Arcade (Granada Hills, CA) SSF4 AE .50!

Family Fun Arcade
10363 Balboa Blvd.
Granada Hills, CA
(818) 360-0419
FFA United (yeah i haven’t updated the site in a while)

UPDATE: Super Street Fighter 4 is now 50 cents per play!

Fucking awesome. Thanks for making my day Arlieth, was about to drive down to Super Arcade…lol. See ya’ll there tonight.

will be there tonight…

Great news. I’ll be there tomorrow night after work to check it out.

We’ll be there this weekend!

By the way, how many machines are there and how much is it per play?

They only had one copy of the game in Dual Cabs. It is one dollar a game. The wait was long but i got plenty of matches in. Both Gootecks, Clockwerk and J.R. Rodriguez had a win streak going, but an Ibuki player whose name i don’t know had the longest streak at 17 matches.

I filmed a lot of matches and will be posting them to Youtube on Saturday. You’ll see them on this channel YouTube - Kapwan’s Channel

We’re open 24 hours tonight, I’m working the graveyard shift. So, come down and check it out without the wait. I think there’s 7-8 guys playing right now.

P.S. The cabinets are the main SF4 cabinets. They’re AM/JP hybrids: it has both an American and a Japanese setup with a toggle switch, so you can play on whichever you feel like.

I think that Ibuki player was Dime.

This means 24 hrs fri night/sat morning?

Yes, Fri-Sat night we’re open 24 hours. This will probably be the same for Sat-Sun night.

We are open right now as I post at 6:40 am, and there is currently no line (but people playing).

P.S. Some cool features you guys might care about:

  1. You will not challenge an opponent until after you’ve selected your character, you cannot see your opponent’s character until you’ve selected your own.
  2. You are able to switch Ultras between opponents, but neither player can see which ultra you choose until after you have both selected.
  3. They’ve added an event mode which has a level selection option available.
  4. The graphics have been enhanced since the SSF4 console version. It looks like they’ve used more sophisticated bump mapping for the models.
  5. Akuma is a CPU secret boss, no word yet about Gouken, Evil Ryu, Shin Akuma or Shin Gouken. In SF4 Vanilla you had to put in a password to play against CPU Akuma and Gouken, we’ll probably have to wait for that password this time around, too.

Thanx keep up the great work man. Appreciate it.

Hey, I may be able to stop by sometime for this! Good shite, FFA!

Was there last night playing. Lots of people there. Fun times. Might show up again tonight. Props to Ralph for getting it out here so quickly.

The Ibuki player name was MoTempest (he wrote Link on the paper) (think the streak was 18), also Joe Dubbs had a Dudley and Zangief streak. I recorded Matches from roughly 7pm-12 straight then recorded marvel. I’m actually going through all the videos and putting names and uploading them one by one for about 87-90 matches so people can find there matches or characters.
Here is the Playlist that im building

                                         [Family Fun Arcade SSF4 AE (12/17/2010)](

Had fun, glad I got to see the changes to Juri & Ken.

Along with everyone else.

Who are the new playable characters besides yun and yang?

There’s just Yun and Yang for now. We’re guessing if there’s any more characters that Capcom will release them with a password like they did with Akuma in Vanilla.

Would love to go right now tonight and experience the hype and the atmosphere, but I was just on the 405 coming back from Hollywood, and right now I’m taking my life and the life of my car in my hands driving up and down the hills on those slippery roads. There were like five accidents on the freeway. So Cal still doesn’t know how to drive in the rain. I sadly have to say next time for me:(

So I urge everyone making the long trip to FFA tonight to please drive safely.