Family Fun Arcade: Justin Wong's FFA Night! (Next: Friday 1/29) MvC2 + TvC!

Hey, this week we’ll be holding one more Friday Night event at FFA for… Marvel vs Capcom 2 and Tatsunoko vs Capcom! Both MvC2 and TvC will be on FREE PLAY. We will have a set of TvC MadCatz sticks provided to us by the awesome MarkMan for everyone to play on and try out! I believe they feature all-Sanwa parts this time around as well as the new Start/Select lock switch in the form factor of a SE Fight Stick.

More details will be forthcoming…


Family Fun Arcade
10363 Balboa Blvd
Granada Hills, CA 91344

Phone: (818) 360-0419

Date: Friday, 1/29
Time: 6:00pm to 12:00pm
Price: FREE!

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Hey everybody, everything is true, I hope everyone can come to FFA and come and train or even just kick it with some friends. Its all love here and Ralph is here to make everyone happy. So come on down on Friday 6pm-11pm and kick it with us. Ill be there tomorrow during the day but if you can’t make it tomorrow, come see us on Friday night for some SF4!!!

Nice, congrats on the job and hopefully this FFA night becomes a popular night.

Oh wow. I actually might return to FFA for this.

Good shit, Justin!

wtf?? this would happen when i just moved out of the valley for school

I would go but living in Oz makes it hard. =P
As for feedback and suggestions, just ask the people at the first FFA night what they liked, what they didn’t like, what they would like to see, stuff like that.

As long as people are comfortable with space, temperature, easy to watch others play, good height for TV/Sticks then it should be good.

Congrats Justin. FFA will be the place to be for SF4 now.

Oh wow i’m speechless… I was one of the people that used to whine about the sf4 cab being 50 cents, but this more than makes up for it! Sweet!! The valley scene is definitely getting a lot better!

Sounds like FFA will be getting busier from now on.

Oh shit

This sounds really awesome. Wish my trip to California was earlier. >.<

Wow… This is the biggest surprise of the past decade to happen to Family Fun Arcade and all the regulars who have been coming there. I am truly happy that Justin Wong’s move to Southern California has been smooth, and most of all that he’s decided to invest in Family Fun and bring it back as a powerhouse in the Street Fighter IV and fighting community!!! I don’t have words to describe how big this is, since I know all the Valley players have been waiting for the arcade to be energized and supported in a big way. Thanks to Justin and Ralph for making this huge announcement. I definitely will be there for these casuals, and we look forward to welcoming Justin to the arcade.

huge boost for the valley, big ups to my boys out there, you fuckers just got an ace in the hole. to be honest im quite jealous

That’s Cute <3 ~ !!!

Holy shit… Sounds awesome!

I am definitely there! finally SF4 competition!!! good shit ralph, I knew you guys were up to something lol

Welcome to FFA Justin.

Any chance you’d play marvel?

Wow Justin, that’s awesome.

But one question: does FFA have XvSF?

If not, I’m mad at you.

More marvel!!!

Yes more livesteams!!!