Family Fun Arcade presents: Ranking Battle Season 4! (3s/T5DR/MvC2) March-May 2007

Family Fun Arcade, in Granada Hills, CA (SoCal) will be holding its next Ranking Battle season for Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike, Marvel vs. Capcom 2, and Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection!

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Family Fun Arcade
10363 Balboa Blvd
Granada Hills, CA 91344
(818) 360-0419

In preparation for Super Battle Opera, we will be running the prize distribution on a Fundraiser basis for 3rd Strike to offset the expenses incurred by FFA.

This season, the tournaments will NOT be occurring on a bi-weekly basis because of the amount of pre-scheduled events. We will be working around Arizona’s Devastation tournament(3/31) and NorCal’s Strong Style tournament(5/5) weekends.

The Tournament Dates are as follows:

Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike
Saturday, March 3rd
Saturday, March 17th
Saturday, March 24th
Saturday, April 7th
Saturday, April 21st
Saturday, May 5th
(Note: March 31st is Devastation in AZ Tournament)
(Note: May 12th is FFA 3s/AE SBO Qualifiers)

Marvel vs. Capcom 2
Saturday, March 10th
Saturday, March 24th
Saturday, April 14th
Saturday, April 28th
Saturday, May 5th
Saturday, May 19th
(Note: March 31st is Devastation in AZ Tournament)
*Simultaneous with T5DR Ranbat Date

Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection
Saturday, March 3rd
Saturday, March 17th
Saturday, March 24th
Saturday, April 7th
Saturday, April 14th*
Saturday, April 21st
(Note: March 31st is Devastation in AZ Tournament)
(Note: April 28th is Showdown Championships in Texas)
(Note: May 5th is NorCal T5DR SBO Qualifiers)
*Simultaneous with MvC2 Ranbat Date

All signups begin at 5pm and tournaments begin at 7pm.
Standard Entry Fee is $5, and each game will be assigned their respective tournament organizers. Denjin Video will provide materials such as brackets, and will also facilitate direct-feed recording for all scenes. Tournament Staff/Organizers for all games also receive complementary drinks (on my tab).

Note: In the event of mechanical breakdown of game controls, it is the PLAYER’S RESPONSIBILITY to call it by physically withdrawing from the cabinet. If no defect is found with the controls, match is restarted with a Yellow Card violation to the player. If a second violation occurs, game becomes an automatic forfeit. Also, any intentional physical interference is an automatic Red Card.

Tournament Format is as follows:
-Double Elimination
-Yellow Card/Red Card warnings for misconduct or false equipment breakdown calls (Judge’s Call)
-1st Place winners with the most points at the end of season will receive a cash prize. Other prizes to be determined.

Game Specific Rules are as follows:

Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike
-Single Character ONLY
-Single Match until Top Eight
-Top Eight (Quarterfinals) are Best of Three
-Finals remain 2/3
-Judgment IN EFFECT
-Fundraiser Prize Distribution: 1st Place receives 50%, other 50% is kept in reserve for Super Battle Opera fundraising

Marvel vs. Capcom 2
-Winner sticks with team; Character change between matches allowed
-Finals are at Tournament Director’s Discretion but default to 3/5
-Standard gameplay rules (no dead body infinites, gambit glitch or crash-glitches)

Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection
-Game Pads and custom Joysticks are allowed. NOTE: Super Battle Opera does not allow pads/custom sticks, and MUST be played on arcade hardware, so I suggest practicing on a Hori or other Sanwa-equipped stick.
-Rules to be determined by Tournament Director (Rickstah)

good shit tom!

two weeks seems like too long!

Hey Arlieth, I usually run the tournaments for Tekken at FFA, so if you’d like, I’d be willing to run the ranbats for you.

Rickstah: Hey, that’s great! I’ll PM you with my contact info for coordination.

hey arlieth, can we get a stricter marvel setup…i hate starting ranbats at 10:30pm and ending at 2…

can we do the…7pm signups 8pm late signups, 8:30 start? or something like that?

Awesome ! Exciting stuff

Can we get updates on how the sticks are for mvc2? Sucks to drive an hour+ if the sticks are iffy.

I also think the ranbats should start earlier, at like 7. That way I can go 2 and out and still go party =D

^^^^^^^^ exactly

I’ll make sure that sticks are always in good condition before tournaments. Also, if the sticks are ever iffy, bring it up to whomever’s in charge and tell them to leave a note for me (Tom).

Also, the latest any ranbat should ever start is 7pm. We will enforce a Late Fee rule ($5) so that those who came early can count on leaving on time.


Btw are you still writing for that video game magazine?


Alright I already asked Shogo about this but can you clarify?

Are you switching the format for 3s RanBats? Is every match now best out of 3?

Oh, right. I had accidentally copied the rules from my SBO template and I need to correct that. Thanks for pointing that out.

So uh… Tom what’s the verdict? Every match is still one set only?

What, no cvs2?

That’s a good question. Where’s CvS2?

3rd Strike and Marvel Ranbats will be single match until top 8. It’s up to the Tekken guys to follow this rule or not, but it helps large tournaments finish before midnight on a Saturday night.

And no CvS2. There wasn’t enough of a player base to support it, and we had to make room since we can only handle so many tournaments at a time. Independently run tournaments for CvS2 are allowable, though.

commentary equipment will be provided for mvc2 right?

We’ll try, but there’ll be days when both Marvel and 3s will be running at the same time, so we might need to find a way to work around that since we only have one set of recording equipment.

is marvel seriously 1 game?