Family Fun Arcade ranbats 1.1 results

Winner: Justin Wong
Second: Jchensor
Third: Onlinetony213

Not sure how many players entered. It was fun going there to watch all the matches. Big thanks to Striderzer0 for letting me use his tripod.

Videos from the final three matches:


Crazy ranbat…Best match was onlinetony and jchensor… Anychance you hace the rest of the results? Good job to Arlieth and Jwong for putting it together… GGs to all last night :tup:

I think arileth has the full results so you should probably ask him.


The brackets Arlieth has it but if you want to know 3S results

  1. JWong - Chun Li
  2. Joe D - Ken
  3. Arlieth - Makoto

is that video of me playing gonna be up soon?

I’ll get the full brackets to put up tomorrow. I think we had about 26 people for SF4. Sorry about the wait!

Wow, Mr. James Chen. Awesome ending to your match against offlineTony! And congratulations to JWong for the win.

im happy that James Chen got 2nd and thank you for everyone for attending. Remember there is another ranbat this weekend also!!!

Joe Dubbs??


Excellent work Commander.


it was really fun it was my first time there but next time i wanna go one on one with j.wong always wanted to play him

yeah me too, i want a piece of the JWong. i played him once in New York when i was a nub and i wanna play him again :smiley:

I now have the ffa sf4 ranbat 1.1 playlist up (22 videos)
Sorry to anyone whos name I misspelled. Let me know so I can change it.

Also thanks to ffa staff , everyone who entered and to Destructive and NegroMatt for helping with the commentary since people dont want to hear my voice

Ranbat 1.1 Results:

Street Fighter IV:
1: Justin Wong (Rufus, Cammy?) +10
2: James Chen (Cammy) +7
3: OnlineTony213 (Seth) +5
4: Arlieth (Vega) +3
5: Hugo101 (Bison) +1
5: Kilomax (Ryu/Blanka) +1
7: Kouen
7: Jesse Espinoza

3rd Strike:
1: Justin Wong (Chun) +10
2: JoeDubbs (Ken) +7
3: Arlieth (Makoto) +5
4: Kro (?) +3
5: Paper Bowser (Remy) +1
5: Kilomax (?) +1
7: Ateo
7: Heartless

Oh yeah, props to Destructive for helping me run brackets while I had my matches going on. Playing a match with Vega either ends extremely quickly (he has no health) or takes FOREVER because he does mosquito-like damage. Also, special thanks to StriderZer0 for streaming/recording and Glenn from Get Your Tournament ( for covering the event.

Hhhhoolly shit I ranked in top 10!!! That’s like the best ever in my life!!! Omg I can’t wait till next 1!!!

SON only 10 people entered this tourney! :looney:

Pshh top 10 baby!! Lol yea hope more people enter next one. I’ll do better in the next 1!!

lol if i could enter both 3s and SF4 then i would make the 3s tourney 11 people xD