Family Fun Arcade: SF4/3s Ranking Battle Results, 3/20


1: Justin Wong
2: OnlineTony
3: Hugo101
4: KillerKai
5: Demon Hyo
5: Evil Elvis
7: JChensor
7: Commander Jesse

3rd Strike:

1: Justin Wong
2: Amir
3: Arlieth
4: Joe Dubbs
5: Kilomax
5: Rob
7: Steve
7: Cesar

Point Totals:

Too bad the epic Chun Li vs Chun Li 3rd Strike match between Amir and Justin wasn’t recorded.

Lol at Justin to Amir after the match: “THAT’S WHAT YOU GET FOR TAUNTING!”

mad props to OnlineTony kick major ass

videos posted on getyoutournaments youtube page