Family Fun Arcade (socal) Biweeklies: 4/28 3S + GGXX + A3 Full Results

1st Frank Melendez
2nd John D.
3rd Vic Vance
4th JR Rodriguez
5th Sean Kim, Ed Ma
7th Adolfo, Kyle Lee
9th Roman Berrones, Henry Park, Erick T, Andrew Smalls
13th Allen Kim, Henry Kim, Reza Okhovat, Christian Mancia

1st Chaotic Blue
2nd Win Sripongkosol
3rd ID
4th Ed Ma
5th Oswaldo Rios, Phil S
7th Ed Melgar, Jesse Avilar
9th Alex Asian, John Kim, Jonathon Charter, Sidney Tuggerson
13th Raymond Mendoza

Alpha 3: (Round Robin)
1st Ed Ma
2nd Alex Flores
3rd Christian Mancia, Sean Kim
5th Henry Kim
6th Reza Okhovat

matches were great today, especially in 3rd strike. John D’s Urien is starting to look more and more like his combo vid ^.^ good shit to frank, and props to Win for piercing the usual top 3.
come by next week for CVS2, MVC2, and PROJECT JUSTICE!

ps. there is a possibility that the tourneys will switch back to weekends as biweeklies, i will keep you all updated.

damn…those sound like fresh results…frankie what happened? =P glad to see JR show up to an FF tourny =]

Hey sirhenk, you messed up my name in the APEX results(GGXX). It should be Edward Melgar with my DASH as my handle, you just put my name as Ed Melgar and therefore giving me a whole new account and missing out on crucial points that will keep me at top 5:D

If you could fix it that will be great. You also made the same mistake with ID, but it doesnt matter he is still number one.

Aight henry, I’ll see next week. Peace Out!!


keep em comin!

who did the top 3 finisher in ggxx use? and what were the scores thx

1st Chaotic Blue(Jam and Johnny)
2nd Win Sripongkosol(Eddie)
3rd ID(Sol and Anji)
4th Ed Ma(Sol and Baiken)
5th Oswaldo Rios(Anji), Phil S(Axl)
7th Ed Melgar(Sol), Jesse Avilar(I-no)
9th Alex Asian(Zappa), John Kim(???), Jonathon Charter(Potemkin), Sidney Tuggerson(???)
13th Raymond Mendoza(???)

hey henry, dont you mean the usual top two ? :bluu:

Where were you Jose?

You should have lost ID!!! :stuck_out_tongue: Or at least lost one of those games… doh.

wow eddie? O_O

What characters were used in 3s?

Eddie is top fucking tier in GGXX, what’re you surprised about? =P

Uhhh justus told me he never saw anyone play eddie in cali =/

Some of these are guesses.

1st Frank Melendez (Ryu - Denjin)
2nd John D. (Urien - Aegis)
3rd Vic Vance (Dudley - Corkscrew)
4th JR Rodriguez (Akuma - Fireball)
5th Sean Kim (Ken - Shippu, Chun - #2 cheater using more then one character), Ed Ma (Ken - Shippu)
7th Adolfo (Makoto - probably all three, Elena (?!)), Kyle Lee
9th Roman Berrones, Henry Park, Erick T, Andrew Smalls
13th Allen Kim, Henry Kim (Guessing Ryu), Reza Okhovat (Urien - Aegis), Christian Mancia (Dudley - Corkscrew)

That’s all I remember.

Hell yeah Kill the Yansu…fucking Yansu

Thats funny shit. I’m a Chang player and I say the same thing fool. Good shit Frankie. Still using Denjin huh. Wasup to all the fools that came to N Cubed.:smiley: C yall in June!

Later Days
Ex Chop datShit!

Yo ed, i can’t make it t any of family’s tourneys anymore since they are wednesdays and mondays and those are the only two days in the week i have class till 10 pm so you wont be seein me in any family tourney soon. and by the time class ends, ima leave the country anyways hehe.