Family Fun Arcade (socal) Biweekly sundays 5/18: CVS2, MVC2, XMENvSF


1st Gee-O
2nd Jason Cole
3rd Ed Ma
4th Manuel Bermudez Jr
5th Lawrence, Cesar Vargas
7th JC Melgar, Roberto V
9th Shogo, Tony G, SooMighty, Warren

MVC2 Round Robin
1st SooMighty
2nd Manuel Bermudez Jr
3rd Potter, John D.
5th Ed Ma
6th Tony G
7th Ben K
8th Joey B

XMEN vs SF Round Robin
1st Carroll Wen
2nd Allen Kim
3rd Jermaine, Lawrence
5th Bori
6th Shogo
7th Eddie

it was a lazy chill ass day for a tourney. xmen was hella fun to watch, good shit to carroll for winning that shit w/o infinites… round robins are dope. we should have more round robins!
come next week for 3S, GGXX, and SCII!!!



Teams used for MvC2…

Soo - Sent/Storm/CapCom, Mag/Cable/Cyc
Junior - Storm/Sent/Cyc, Storm/Sent/Cable
Potter - Sent/Cable/CapCom, Mag/Cable/Psy
Rockefeller - Sent/BH/CapCom
Ed - Mag/Cable/Rogue

Watch out for the up and coming, Ben K. That niegg is sick.


lol…it was a lazy chill ass tourney :slight_smile: Xmen was fun…got my ass raped by Cyclops infinates from Jermaine…I don’t remember even touching Carroll?? :eek: I thought I saw Sirlin there too???..Wish he would show up earlier to play :smiley:

Next tourney: 3rd Strike, GGXX & Soul Calibur 2 !!!


was there more people than the last biweekly on mon? hope so since sundays are better days.


What were the teams used in the X-men vs Street Fighter tourney? If anyone knows please post it here…thanks.