Family Fun Arcade (SoCal) SSF4 Team FFA Quals/Ranbat 1 Results on

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thank you arlieth for hosting the event and also thank you for helping me with the car situation… i owe you and till next ranbat see you there…

rose is awesome…

congrats vicious with cody… bingo…

when is the next ranbat

Sorry that this took so long but here is the play list of the videos that I recorded of the ranbat

Will the main matches be in the back from now on?

I think main matches will be in the back, yeah. We just converted the front machine to a Tekken 6 arcade machine.

Next Ranbat is June 5th, this weekend. (always on a Saturday)

yo whens 1.3?

This Saturday. Check the new website!

1-2 playlist hopefully i can add more when i figure out whos playing

Hey, thanks for putting up the videos. We really really really appreciate this.