Family Fun Arcade: Super Smash Bros Brawl - Granada Hills, CA - Sunday, 4/20/08

Please Note: Rules are subject to change.

Family Fun Arcade - Super Smash Bros. Brawl Tournament

Family Fun Arcade
10363 Balboa Blvd.
Granada Hills, CA
(818) 360-0419

Sunday, April 20th, 2008
Signups 2:00 PM (Singles ONLY)
Singles Tournament: 3:00 PM

Entry Fee: $8 ($5 Pot, $3 Venue) <-- (Bring your Wii + Brawl game and get in FREE if we use it… WE NEED WIIS!)
Controllers: Wireless Controllers at your own risk (you forfeit a game if your controller runs out of batteries or malfunctions, for example.) Accidental Pausing is on a case-by-case basis but will usually default to Loss of Stock.
Preliminary Rounds: Best 2 of 3
Final Rounds: Best 3 of 5
Stock: 3
Timer: 7:00
Prizes: 70/20/10 if under 64 players (Tournament Standard). 60/25/10/5 (1st-4th) Split if at least 64 players.
Items: None <— NEW

Neutral Stages:
Final Destination
Lylat Cruise
Pokemon Stadium 1
Yoshi’s Island

Counter Stages:
Castle Siege
Delfino Plaza
Frigate Orpheon
Green Greens
Jungle Japes
Luigi’s Mansion
Pirate Ship
Rainbow Cruise

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Glad to see this posted here : )

I really would like to come, but I am not comfortable enough on a Gamecube controller to play in a tournament. Still interested to see the results!

Items are total garbage. I’ll never know why the people in charge don’t listen to a community.

Having so few items is total garbage. Wish I were home to come to this.

Ultradavid: Some other Smash players apparently think three items is three too many:

That’s the Smashboards crosspost for the tourney. I’ll add this link to the main post too.

Haha yeah I know, I’ve been following this Brawl ruleset debate pretty closely; personally I want some items (more than 3) and almost all stages. Just comes down to whether you want Brawl to have the kind of strategy you can’t get in Street Fighter or whether you want Brawl to have the same kind of strategy as in Street Fighter but not as well done.

Items for Brawl tournaments starting in May (aka when I get home)!

So, is there anybody else from socal coming to this who uses Classic Controller? I know I’m definitely in the minority, but I’ve spent my entire brawl time playing on the CC, seeing as it’s most comfortable. I know that batteries dying could be an issue, but no more than wavebirds really, and people should be able to take responsibility for their own controllers or face disqualification.

cant wait but turn off the items tom!!

I use the CC and I think it sucks that we have to play on a GC controller. I’m fine with being DQd if my battery runs out during the match.

^il bring batterys so u dont get dq’d =D

You got it backwards. Turn more items ON!

Theres nothing unbeatable in the game, and very little in terms of item that are truly gamebreaking. It just takes a bigger skillset to learn to deal with items. And in a game that is so slow and defensively heavy, is more offensive items really a bad thing?

If you guys are willing to assume the DQ risk, then I’ll allow wireless controllers.

I’m not able to post on Smashboards right now since the site is down, but since I haven’t heard anything from SRK/Evo about Brawl rulesets:

Until I hear word for the final verdict for Evolution 2008’s Brawl ruleset, April 20th will be the last Items tourney that we’ll be running. We’ll run no-items tournaments afterwards until then.

Items are random, when u play w/items its about who has the most random luck to win

=D thts more like it
good shit tom

Said like a true scrub <3

fo sho

(btw, don’t take that comment seriously, nothing but love)



Due to popular demand, items have now been turned off- reasons explained on the Smashboards thread. The thread, and the tournament beforehand, should have enough documentation firsthand as to the probably consequences to Evolution running Brawl with items.