Family Fun E3 Tournament Resluts

Marvel: 25 entries

  1. Potter
  2. Illan
  3. Chunksta
  4. Amir
  5. Clock
  6. Cableguy


  1. Buktooth

not sure about the full results. I think Genghis took 2nd and Ed Ma 3rd.

3rd Strike Teams:
3rd Strike

1st: Team Suntory-Tea
5ive Star (Green Ken)
Victoly (Sean)
Pyrolee (MSP)

2nd: Team Denjin
AmirChun (Chun Li)
Shogo (Makoto)
Nate (Ibuki)

3rd: Team Camelot
Paul Lee (Ken)
HungBee (Oro)
Watts (Ken)

4th: Team Masters
Buktooth (Chun-Li)
Flash G (Chun-Li)
Ed Ma (Ken)

5th: (Tie)
Team WTF
Dash (Chun-Li)
Sex I (Makoto)
AfroCole (Urien)

Team Yo Mama
Pigadoken (Chun-Li)
Arnel (Urien)
Mt.SAC Kid (Ken)

7th: (Tie)
Team SRM
Sebastian (Oro)
Ryan (Urien)
MikeMenace (Hugo)

Team xChin
ericXchin (Ken)
MattxChin (Ken)
Ironfist (Dudley)

12th: (Tie)
Team F*ck Life

Team Unknown
Mike Z (Makoto)
DougFunnie (Oro)
Adolfo (Alex)

Team MissingNin
Jeremiah (Chun-Li)
JoeDubs (Ken)
Arlieth (Makoto)

Good games all. Illan played better than i’ve ever seen him play. Make way for So cal’s newest secret weapon.

Great seeing the SD guys come out. Nice to see you again Chris. Your sent is still boss.

Clock: i can’t carry the torch when you’re still owning shit up.

Chunk and Cableguy, thanks for coming down. It was great practice for ECC.

And good games Mike Z. Your team isn’t built to handle lockdown, but it sure as hell is built to REALLY handle fuck ups.

wowowowoowowowowowowowowoowowowowow good shit top 3…

Illan still using ironman/cable/doom?

wowowowowowoowowowowwoowo is right… lol

how did genghis do and when can we see full results?

Illan is still using IM/Cable/Doom.

Genghis lost to Cableguy in winners quarters and to Clock after.

I gave the full results to the main tourney coordinaters. Maybe they’ll post it up.

heard no one was gonna go so we missed out =[

but gj to potter and the rest…

What yall jaggerz know about sleeping in the middle of ffa on that mini bench…Good shit to everyone especialy Mr.Ironman and Potter :clap:, CableGuy it was nice meeting you champ, Chunk keep up the beasting and thanks for waking me up :encore:

yah thats wack, potter told me yesterday he wasnt gonna go and no one was going…so i didnt go and told taiji and reset not to go. If i knew u were goin, i still wouldnt have gone prolly but i woulda told them to go.

But congrats on getting 1st and give em hell in ECC guys

Damn im really sad that I missed this tourney but I am glad the people i know did really well. Great Job guys. I dont know but where any of the crazy matches recorded?

:amazed: :shake: :rofl: :xeye: :wow: :wtf: :wasted:

EDIT- nice turn out for a tourney u said no one would come to.

justin, i did that same shit at an ffa tourney a while back, we’re nice

also good games at potters house mike, you’re such a beast


It’s almost time…

good shit chunksta and cableguy. =]]]]] OH KKK!!!

I did not plan to go. I was going to cancel it on friday because there were only like 5 posts in the thread, sticks were broken, and only seemed like it would be sd vs. ffa regulars. I spoke with shady and i told him to just come to my house to play, but majority wanted a tourney. I apologize to mike and ace, i tried to post early at like 10am to say nor cal ppl were coming. My bad, but i was hella shocked there were more than 12ppl. <3

Reset: Don’t be mad if you HELLA wanted to go you coulda called to see the turnout and i woulda saved you a spot personally. Besides that it wasn’t that special of a tourney besides illan beasting on everyone. Anyways a “shitty” tournament like this doesn’t deserve to be graced by you.

pretty good tourny even though i got sent out early. i dunno if it’s just me but i found it hard to hit the diagonals on both CvS2 cabs. i think we just need stools…

those finals were crazy, went all the way to 3 to 3 and the final game decided it.

ggs all

Yo first off I could give a fuck about FF tournies. You think I’m mad about ONE tourney that illan got second at? I’m not mad about that. Seeing the Norcal and the S/D guys would have been nice tho. My dad woudln’t take me so my ride was basically Mike and Ace who were told not to go. It’s not your fault I couldn’t get a ride but it seems your post got to those guys too late for us to go. And fuck your little comments. Personally I didn’t expect better than top 10 any way because FF IS SHITTY. :karate:

Fuck you stupid cocky bitch. suck my dick. :tup:

could it be? is it goin down? tip amongst tips? grudge match? $200? cancel ecc???

Thats hella funny considering you and dipset are the cockiest players in socal. If you have any thing to say to/about me say it to my fucking face.


now now, no violence, the revolution will not be televised but hot damnit may these matches be broadcast live via satellite from cali.