Family Fun (Granada Hills) MvC2 Results 5/31/08


There it is. Vids will be up this week.

It was alot better turnout than expected

EDIT: Vids
Videos from tourney,

entire playlist



Good shit Finesse…

Say lets get the rematch at evo this year…I know u want to…

Marvel is life


good stuff to all placers, cant wait to see the vid. keep us updated



GGs to everyone that night… i thought the tournament ran smoothly. all we need is a bleacher then we’re set


actually it was shogun that got 3rd. i got 12th or something. too many soo killas out there.

finesse im puttin you in charge of that higher sent division. best sent in the world

fanatiq aka hmc…you are THAT shit

jaminis we all love you son.


[quote=“vegita-x, post:2, topic:42193”]

Good shit Finesse…

Say lets get the rematch at evo this year…I know u want to…

you already know!!

gg’s to everybody, hope to see some vids soon


Videos from tourney,

entire playlist



After watchin those vids I remembered why EC is better than WC in mvc2. Clock is the only one fucking wit us along wit Bill or Chunk…Potter nice 2…Soo you know I respect you dawg but Step ur shit up.


haha ur too nice BBhood, luck aint got nothin to do wit it!! :pray:


Don’t forget Chris S, Tehboogieman. that’s team wc right there.


Oh yes Chris is a Monster


lol after watching the videos of me raping you at evo (though you raped me some too) I remebered why EC isn’t all the hype they put it out to be.


i like natiq


Gj on 2nd…naw Ec is Godlike…Wc lacks Unity


Hasn’t EC lost every team tourney vs WC?


When was the last time WC won EVO? Only person who did it from WC was Duc. There have been like 7 Evos and WC only won 2. Honestly what does a team tourney mean? its only one game. Its not like EC cant start Justin or Yipes, but to make it interesting they will prolly go last…

P.S- Good shit Finesse

You comin to Ohio homie? We gotta run some games, i heard you on that msp shit now lol…


if you wanna be close minded and think Jwong can be a representative of the entire east coast, you can do that but its still illogical. U guys got a few hot shots outside of that EC as a whole is garbage. If its not Jwong, Sanford, Yipes its not worth WC’s time. Yeah 2k5 Duc won Evo, 2k6 wong won, but 5 of the other spots were WC. 2k7 EC won and 5 of the spots were EC. Theres no doubt Justin has been a beast for far too long, but thats console. I’ve challenged him to come to ffa and play soo for quite some time now, we have yet to see it done. I predict a repeat rape like was done in that 5 on 5 a while ago.

Bottom line in no way is EC better than WC. Outside of Ec’s big 3 for every EC player there is at least one WC payer willing to rape him and make him look bad.

Smooth diaper <<<<<<< Fanatiq, cable guy
Josh wigfall <<<<<<<<<< I’m not even gonna name the countless players but in my head I can think of 5
Infite <<<<<<<< the entire West coast
Demon Hyo <<<<<<<<<<< Finesse and Illan
and of course that is with me excluding Wc’s big 3: Chris S, Chunk, Soo.

Not to mention EC’s big 3 isn’t impermeable. Sanford gets touched by deus (which is just a crying shame). Yipes would get touched by finesse in arcade. Justin in tourney vs. portter went 2 and 3 if I recall correctly and it wasn’t even a blowout.
All EC got is console, bring it arcade and I doubt very seriously Justin would even win evo. Unity is irrelevant…a 5 on 5: five individuals that vicariously represent a team…chemistry is really important there right? Only to the myopic.


wow, that is ignorant.

west coast major is evo, and evo was the first major to go console.

ecc was always arcade and justin always won… no one from the wc (or should i say cali) has ever placed top 3 at ecc, only people were row, jmar, and kuan. Whereas in 2004, desmond (someone other than justin) placed top 3 at evo in pomona, ca.

in conclusion, no disrespect but nobody cares what happens at ffa tournies, norcal majors and cal poly tournaments mean more…people know finesse and illan are good, but they’re not west coast’s best.

the only comment I agree with you about is about wigfall and infinite.

oh and i like ricky? guy that looks like combofiend (your student?)>you


You comin to Ohio homie? We gotta run some games, i heard you on that msp shit now lol…

Nah…but I will be at evo… Yeah all I play now is MST/P…Should have beaten Justin at Final Round but all well maybe next time… Me/Chris/Mixup/Toan are the top players in the south in my opinion but anyway…I need to take a trip out there to play with u and Yipes for a week to step my game up…

----Magnus is Marvel----Marvel is life


So then i guess Duc doesnt represent WC even tho hes from there right? Yeah your right that is illogical, it makes no sense at all…

Thats easy to say when WC has like 60+ players as opposed to EC who got like 10+ and we still hold weight when we head there. Matter of fact how maany EC players went to Evo 2k6 and before? Im sure only a handful. So im not surprized if you havent seen alot of EC in top whatever at Evo, Especially in a game as random as Marvel…

So because you challenged him hes gonna pack his bags right away to go there and play Soo? Lmao. As far as Soo raping Justin he did what most MSP players do to team Row, no disrespect to Soo but i dont understand how you are willing to bet money against Justin based off " 1 " game that happened 5 years ago… For the record before Tournies went console Justin was still winning arcade tournies.

I dont like Erik but even i know your not fucking with him REAL TALK. You got hype cause you beat him when he is using IM or reverse Row? Lmao Get real…Wigfall you beat by 1 game thats hardly a win (not saying it doesnt count) but you went back and forth with him and you got the last game congrats.

As far as the WC Big 3 goes only 1 of those ppl made it into top 8 the other 2 tied with me.

Its not a crying shame its called Marvel. Where is the money at Arcade or Console? If i remember correctly Yipes won 5k on console… Not saying Potter isnt good but i dont see him beating Justin, If u wanna bet that i’ll be more then happy to do it. All we have is console? Ok aslong as there is money to be made there thats what we will play. You thinkin the only reason Justin wins is cause of console is a idiotic statement and after this sentence will be ignored. Unity is irrelevant your right…

Word idk if im going to evo, the hype is around Seasons Beatings. If i can make it tho i’ll go… But yeah if you ever plan a trip to come out here holla at me. My AIM = Remixistoxic