Family Fun Regional First Day Team Results Cvs2 3s

CvS2 8 Teams of 3:

  1. Team RUN + 1
    Combofiend - A Eagle Rock Bison
    Amir - A Sagat Blanka Bison
    Warren Evil Elvis - A Ken Sagat Sakura

  2. Team Berkeley
    Eric Choi - A Blanka Sakura Bison
    LB - K Blanka Cammy Sagat
    Cesar - K Geese Terry Rolento

  3. Team Southtown
    JC - P Blanka Cammy Sagat
    Forti - K Bison Hibiki Blanka
    Willy - A Yuri Athena Kim

  4. Team . . . (dot dot dot)
    John - A Vega Cammy Sagat
    Fernando - K Ken Cammy Bison
    Lawrence - K Cammy Sagat Morrigan

  5. Team Hello Kitty
    Mike Z. - A Maki Athena Raiden
    Mike K. - C Ken Sagat Chun
    Ernest - C Vice Sakura Chun

  6. Team Davis
    Venkat - A Sakura Bison Blanka
    Andy - S Geese Iori Yamazaki
    Tony - K Sagat Bison Cammy

  7. Team Random
    Damien - C Blanka Sagat Sakura
    Anthony - S Sakura Athena Honda
    Hugo - N Ken Bison Sagat

  8. Team Beast
    Windyman - N Kyo Maki Hibiki
    Tusher - K Terry Cammy Sagat
    Ken I. - C Guile Sagat Blanka

3rd Strike 6 Teams of 3:

  1. Team Densetsu no Hokages:
    KMA - Chun
    5 Star - Ken
    Pyrolee - Yun

  2. Team www.smokeweed2/
    John D. - Urien
    Royce 720 - Hugo
    Victoly- Dudley

  3. Team Random (2)
    Willy - Ken
    Adolfo - Hugo
    Ken I. - Makoto

  4. Team RUN
    LB - Ken
    Amir - Dudley
    Combofiend - Elena

  5. Team Davis
    Andy - Ibuki
    Tony - Makoto
    Venkat - Makoto

  6. Team Power Rangers
    Shogo - Makoto
    Mike Z. - Makoto
    Arlieth - Makoto

THE 5 STAR WINS!!! not sure exactly how CvS2 ended, but 3s, team densetsu came back from losers bracket to win!

thanks so much to everyone who came out for the first day. big thanks to norcal players especially berkeley and davis, hope to see you guys tomm. big thanks to shogo and tom for helping me out during the tournament and big thanks to everyone for just coming out and supporting the scene, i hope everyone had as much as of a fun time as i did, and hope to see you guys all come out for saturday (cvs2, super turbo, 3s singles) and sunday (marvel teams and ggxx) - yi

GG’s and good times today. Teams was great and the crowd was spectacular at hyping the players up. It was great seeing new faces at FF. Props to nor cal for coming down and showin off some of their styles. See you guys tomm.

GG’s again

good games everyone…

i’m so scrub.

anyways, i hope the GGXX machine gets moved/fixed.

what the fuck is SVC/kof2k3 doing in the big machine!

ggxx 1p side jumps up randomly.
2p side kick buttns pops up.

not too bad during casuals, but definately not tournament worthy.

cvs2 games were close, and eric choi is a beast. he did all the work in our team. hehe.

3s, i lost them all. good job to peter for pulling us to 4th. i would like to mention that ken i cheats in bashi-champ.


pop’n’music is sexy shit.

that looks like it was hella fun, nice job team berekely, i know that number 1 team is bomb shit…freakin combofiend and amir, and ive seen evil elvis play, hes badass as well, i wish i could have seen that final.

OMG berkeley is teh SEX?!?!