Family Fun Regionals Day 2 CvS2 3S Singles


CvS2 Singles:

  1. Amir Amirsaleh “Amir”
  2. Warren Patten “XxEvilElvisxX”
  3. Julio Valdez “Jae”
  4. Ken I.
  5. Danny Leong “Dark Enigma”
  6. Steven Rodriguez “WindyMan”
  7. Mike

3S Singles:

  1. Michael Fauson “pyrolee” : Yun
  2. Yi Wang “odangitsyiwang” : Ken
  3. Vic Vance “VictoLy” : Dudley
  4. Thomas Shin “Arlieth Tralare” : Makoto
  5. Royce Del Rosario “720” : Hugo
  6. KMA “KMA” : Chun
  7. Ken I. : Makoto
  8. Amir Amirsaleh “Amir” : Dudley
  9. Mike Burke “MikeMenace” : Hugo
  10. Venkat Jandhyala “opera” : Makoto
  11. Richard Andrade “Shogo” : Makoto
  12. Juan : Dudley

thanks to everyone that did show up. sorry to those that showed up but left, especially to those that came from fresno and parts of norcal. i’m very sorry that the tournament couldnt get started on time b/c of problems with the ppl working, there is a lot of conflict with FF arcade and PMX, so we truly apologize for that, i truly apologize. we would love to have you again next time and promise to make it a lot better.

theres too many goddamn good players… thanks to everyone for sticking around

tomm is marvel teams of 3 and ggxx singles, it will be BIG, please everyone come.


good work 5star! kind of a lame turnout though, more ppl could’ve made for more interesting results.



Regardless of the turnout it was still a great time. Thanks again yi for organizing everything. Hopefully you can win the next one :cool: .

Opera: Hope you learned some new stuff from us 3s-ers down here. It was great seeing fresh faces around. Hope you also enjoyed your stay at so cal.

Everyone else: Enjoy the last day of regionals this sunday.



thx for running the tourney 5star. even tho turnout wasnt so high, it was still dopest tourney i ever went to.

family fun is the best arcade ever… so much constant 3s competition, i wanna go back. i think i leveled up like 20 levels ^ ^.

GGs yi, royce, KMA, adolfo, everyone else i played there.

thx for the makoto tips Ken I and arlieth.

nice meeting all the cool so cal ppl (amir, warren , team control).

hope to play u all again.