Family man patriarchy remix (Guile strategy thread)


Let’s kick start a thread for the real American, Guile. (I hope the title is “cool” enough for SRK)

Is anybody having fun doing Sonic Boom into towards+Roundhouse/crouching Roundhouse/Grab mix ups?
Or do you feel more confident throwing Sonic Booms and then turtling it out?

btw, Maj has posted a thread here:
with this combo:
crossup j.LK, c.LK -> c.LK -> whiff s.LK xx FK super
but the rest of the thread mentions other characters’ combos.


I gotta say that giving him a free high low mixup off pretty much any knockdown is a huge boon(blocked boom into cr. forward or roundhouse overhead). Maybe a bit too good imo.

Another thing I noticed is that he gets his close stand roundhouse from about a sweep distance away which is a huge pain in the ass when trying to mount pressure with step kick since it’s now neutral+roundhouse. Oddly enough his stand Fierce only activates from much closer. Stupid programming? I dunno, but it’s really irritating.

Roundhouse Flashkick is also a huge boost. He can punish alot of shit on reaction now which makes him WAAY more scary from further out since any knockdown leads to the aforementioned guessing game.

Also, has anyone noticed that jump forward seems to crossup alot? Not sure if this was a documented upgrade, but it happened to me a good few times last night (against Balrog of all characters) and that is not something that was easy to do in ST.

All in all I think Guile will be pretty beast. Speaking of which Blanka is pretty insane now too. Safe ball is a bit much imo.

Oh and Guile has tiny girl feet for some fucked up reason.


Comboing short short super with the new motion isnt working for me. I almost always get a regular flashkick instead. Anyone having better luck?


After a throw rh flash kick closes the gap fast.


Not sure how i feel about this, but jchensor was telling me that Guile can walk forward and do c.LK x3 xx HK Flash Kick (renda-kara-canceled off whiff s.LK). That chain is so slow that he can build charge from scratch and the HK Flash Kick’s new crazy range means it never misses and it’s hella easy to combo.

He found that on day one, so i’m assuming that Capcom must have known about it as well. Still, it seems way too good to give Guile such a powerful triple option mixup (F+HK / c.LK / throw) off a blocked corner Sonic Boom.

Also in case anyone hasn’t noticed, Guile’s c.LK does a goddamn ton of damage. It always has, cuz it was one of the slowest light attacks in the game, plus it wasn’t supposed to be cancelable.


Neat-o. I’ll be messing around with that.


I’ve been loving the new Guile in this game. That overhead does give him more mixup/offensive options. So now, what can the new Roundhouse Flash Kick hit that he couldn’t have hit before?


I like him too and I don’t mean to sound elitist, but he’s becoming a real braindead character. It used to require a fair bit of finesse to play him well in ST, but now he has some real hamfisted tactics.


Is it just me or can Guile’s new upside down kick be sweeped a lot more easily in remix? I seem to get sweeped a lot when I pull one off, and I don’t remember it being that way before. I could be confusing his ST upside down kick with his HF version. Was his upside down kick sweepable in ST?


No, I don’t believe it was sweepable in ST. It was a tradeoff for making it an overhead in HD Remix.


I am pretty sure you can now do a meaty c.forward + S.fierce+roundhouse flash kick on Zangief and Sagat.
I can’t wait to get an xbox to play this.


I love the new guile. The new super command means I can pull it off far more often on reaction. Closing the gap after a throw with a rh Flash kick is great too. I still have a hard time agaist chun though. Must be her new art :rofl::rofl::rofl:


…it just looks nonsensical when Guile’s in the air, and he gets swept under him!

I was saddened at this change, btw. :bluu:


Am I the only one having serious problems with the new super motion?

If I do it slowly it comes out, but if I try to whip it out quickly as an anti air or something I basically always get a regular flashkick instead.


you’re not the only one. i’m having trouble doing it half the time myself.


Yeah I’m actually way more consistent with the old method.


i was doing xx motion)~mk in training mode earlier and it was working

charge db, df, ub


Sirlin mentioned this in the changelogs he wrote on his site. If you do the old motion, db df db u, it will come out.


Incidentally, I don’t think I’ve messed up the new motion once. Sounds to me like you’re missing the df diagonal when you perform the motion quickly. I somehow find db,hcuf a lot easier than db,hcub. It feels like an easier version of ST Fei Long’s dragon arc kick.


Not sure why this thread fell to page 3, but I want to talk about some matchups.

Blanka - Guile has always had a rough matchup here, and unfortunately it seems to have gotten worse. Blanka can play more aggressively with the blankaball, and can still slide under our booms. F+RH is basically a dead move, because it will whiff against a crouching blanka, as will his F/B+MK hopkicks. The most effective move seems to be S.LK, which you can still perform the following trick:
neutral+lk, hold back, keep tapping lk
as long as you keep doing rapid fire kicks, you can charge sb without getting the bazzooka knee. Since beats both blankaball and slide clean, it’s pretty good if you need some space. Unfortunately, this means you lose flash kick charge, which means playing blanka is very different than any other character. A piece of aggression I often use is jab sonic boom, B+RH. If he slides, the kick will hit him out of it, and the sb will combo. You need a lot of space for this though, because if they do anything on reaction to the sb, it will beat your kick before it comes out.

Vega - Fortunately this matchup is easier because of the RH flash kick. Vega can now drop from the air, which means he has the ability to bait out a RH flash kick, which can be pretty bad for guile, but the ability to deal with midscreen dives and slide is very welcome. I have never been great at this matchup, so I have no more real thoughts.

Sagat - Sagat’s fireballs are slower, which is good news for guile, but his uppercut and normals still keep us away pretty well. There’s really no way around the standard shoto game, which Sagat does pretty well here.

I haven’t tried the combo today, looking forward to that, but that would be a sick guessing game after any knockdown. The overhead has good priority and really nice range, which makes it perfect for mindgames. If one overhead hits, doing another one is a great way to make them feel stupid and start second guessing themselves, and then you can do all sorts of shit.

Anyone have thoughts on his jumpins? I see mentioned, but I always seem to get thrown when I land it. Should I be hitting lk right before I hit the ground? I always use it like t-hawk’s j.lp, which might be my problem.