[Fan Art] Chun-Li, Cammy, Zangief, Blanka



(Shoryuken may need an Artwork or Fan Art thread. It might be nicer to have a set place where people can upload drawings.)

I recently decided to edit a few pictures I took and upload them to tumblr (http://artonabudget.tumblr.com/).

I thought that I could maybe share them here as well.

All photos are edited pictures I took of toys. The first picture has the series 2 Blanka and Zangief by Kid Robot, where as the third and fourth picture each have the series 1 Cammy, and then Chun-Li respectively from the Capcom figure collection.

The first one has the title Invading the City. This one came with a tutorial.

The second picture is simply called Cammy

Finally the third picture is entitled Chun-Li

The latter two were less fun to make, but I think they look good.


We’ve had a fan art section for years.